Thursday, September 22, 2016

LOOKBOOK #1 : Off-Shoulder Top For Girls in Hijab

Assalamualaikum and hello.

So I've decided to document any outfits that I love whenever I go to events or outings with my family and friends. I have been wanting to do lookbook posts but to be honest I was really lazy (most of the times) to ask someone to help me to capture my OOTDs. I salute all of my fashion bloggers friends who efficiently posed for that perfect photo. Truly amazing. I only do it when my friends are doing it or just for the purpose of campaigns/job. So I don't want to be lazy anymore and I want to continue doing it as I do love fashion and I want my blog to have my sense of style in it.

The first post is we are going to talk about off-shoulder top trend that has been going around for quite sometime. I absolutely love it because to me it's feminine, soft and graceful. But of course, for hijabi girls, showing off the shoulder is a definite no-no. I saw this white off-shoulder crop top in Nichii and bought it on the spot. So here's how I matched the white off-shoulder top with the rest of my outfit for KLFWRTW2016.

I paired the white off-shoulder top with a black basic long-sleeve shirt underneath. A black palazzo for flowy effect for the whole look. Since my ensemble is black and white, I decided to throw in some colours on my head, therefore my pink, purple and aqua square shawl from Owl by Nora Danish made the cut. I go for black satchel handbag that can be used as a shoulder bag too. My heels are my wedding shoes actually, matched my shawl very well.

Shawl  ||  Owl by Nora Danish
Black Basic Long-Sleeve  ||    Uniqlo
White Off-Shoulder Crop Top  ||  Nichii
Black Palazo  ||  Lazada Fashion
Satchel Handbag ||  Charles & Keith
Turquoise Heel ||  Melissa

**All photos photographed by Sizzling Suzai

My #motd

I hope you enjoy a piece of my fashion style in this series, till then! :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

KLFWRTW 2016 Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari | FASHION

Assalamualaikum and hello.

KLFWRTW 2016 Day 2 was my first Fashion Week appearance. I remember getting my first invitation last year but I was pregnant and I wasn't in the mood to dolled up for events, so I had to decline. So this year, I am going to go, even just for one slot to see how does KLFWRTW feels. I was kinda excited to see what people are wearing to be honest. I noticed Malaysians are more open and more daring to wear any kind of style. I am not gonna lie that I was freaking out because I don't know what I would wear. I am not a fashionista even though I love fashion. My wardrobe really needs an upgrade, so I guess it's time to clean out my closet? Anyway I will upload a separate post on my outfit I wore on the day as today we are going to talk about Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari.

After looking at the whole collection, Schmiley Mo is a confirmed mirror of Diana Rikasari's style. The collection is fun, cute, quirky and young. With the combination pastel and a hint of yellow and monochrome, I bet this would be a hit among the youngsters. There's a few pieces that caught my eyes, especially the bomber jacket in pastel blue with all sorts of food prints all over it. Super cute!! For a better look of the collection, go to the instagram @schmileymo

Photo Credit

I will update my OOTD for the fashion show next, stay tuned! :)

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