Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LIFESTYLE | Celebrate Mother's Day With BloomThis

Assalamualaikum and hello.

When I was growing up, my mom and I, we quarrelled a lot. But by all means we always makeup whenever we had fights because let's face it, we can't live without each other. :P My mom and I have totally different characteristic, she is more of a 'water' while I am more of the 'fire'. I am a stubborn kid, and I always have my own opinion. You can say that I would always have my words spoken out whenever I don't agree with something or I am not happy with whatever it is currently happening. While my mom is the soft-hearted and gentle one, so you can guess we always have disagreements. 

My relationship with my mom has changed a lot once I gave birth to Marissa. It's true when people say, you will understand a lot more when you have become a mom and I 100% agree. I truly understand the feeling of a mother wanting her child to be safe at all time. This goes to my hero, my dad, Babah too. Gosh I love you both so much, I am sorry for all the times you guys were worried about me back in my 'dark times'. :( I am so sorry! Anyway, lets not get too emotional here okay? *wiping my tears* . To all the young girls out there, I know you will quarrel with your parents, disagreeing about stuff, but trust me. When you reach my age, you will understand WHY they did WHAT they did. 

In another note, Mother's Day is just around the corner. Have you make any special plans for your mother? I always think that mothers associates very well with flowers because flowers are the signs of beauty, softness, kindness and love. So when BloomThis , a well-known online flower delivery service kindly wanted to sent a bouquet of flower from their  Mother's Day Collection to my Mama, I immediately say YES because my mom totally deserves it! :) They have a wide selection of beautiful bouquets and you can choose according to your budget as well. Their flowers are arranged by their own flower designers and you can bet their work is nothing but luxurious and exclusive! :)

You can personalized your message to your mom. :)

My adorable and cute Mama with Theresa :)

Thanks for being awesome Mama! Thank you for taking care of me during my confinement and all the baby tips. I LOVE YOU!!!  :')

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BloomThis is so kind and send ME a bouquet as well! Oh my gosh, I'm so touched!  Okay so before you take a look at my flower arrangements, let me tell you that I AM NOT A FLORIST and I don't have the talent to arrange flowers. Anddd I don't even have vases at my home. *LOL* so I use my water jugs to store them and I need to use two jugs because there are a lot of flowers! :D 

Erkkk what do you think? I think I am terrible! *hahaha* If you are interested to get your hands on these beautiful flowers, or even send them out to the important people in your life, do check out BloomThis. They are currently having Mother-Daughter contest, so go ahead and take a look because you could win tailor-made Emcee Couture Dress worth RM450! Contest end 29th April, so hurry! :) 

Neng Neng seems to be enjoying the flowers as well! :P

Thanks again to BloomThis for surprising my Mom, she loves the flowers, and I love mine too! :)

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Official Website :

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BABY TALK | Marissa's First Solid Food

Assalamualaikum and hello.

This is my second post on baby stuff, if you haven't read about Marissa's Bath Routine, you can go HERE and take a quick read on what I have been using on Marissa. Ahh, solid food. It is one of the most exciting part, well for me at least. Can you believe that Marissa is 6 months plus already? She'll be 7 months next week! I am enjoying every moment with her, especially now she started eating and oh boy I love looking at her eat all the purees I made for her. 

I make her food fresh, daily. In the beginning it was a bit difficult to estimate how much should I cook for a day but as the time goes by, I am able to cook the right amount of the day. If there's any leftover, I will keep it in the fridge for the next morning or noon, depending what time she wakes up from her sleep. Before starting her solid, I asked around, how much should I feed a first timer? I read that I can start with one tablespoon because sometimes baby can't even finish one tablespoon. Well, not Marissa. *haha* she can finish up to 4 tablespoons per sitting and I am quite amazed actually! But I limit to 2oz -3oz per sitting, and I feed her 2 or 3 times a day. 

Some say it's better to feed your baby his or her milk first because if they eat first, they won't want to drink their milk. But Marissa is different I guess. I feed her first, then after half an hour, I will give her milk around 5 oz to 6oz and she can finish that too. I am so blessed that Marissa eats EVERYTHING (so far) I made her. Lets be hopeful that she won't be a picky eater when she grows up. 

Okay, so as far as her food selection, I've tried 5 types of fruits and veggies. I made them into puree with one ingredient only. I feed her the same type of food 3 days straight before changing to a new one because I want to see whether she has allergies reaction or tummy ache whatnot when she eats certain food. So far she's doing great on each type I gave her so next week I can start combining 2 ingredients together. Well if your baby starts solid food, her or his poops is going to be different. LOL just keep that in mind. *hahaha*

How to make your baby puree?

I chose the method of steaming and steam boil. I don't have the fancy baby steamer because I don't think it's a necessity. I just use my rice cooker to steam her fruits and veggies.

Before steam : Pumpkin

After Steam : Pumpkin

I use the steam boil method for sweet potatoes. Cut the sweet potatoes into smaller pieces, put in some water, enough to cover the potatoes and cook until fork tender. I like to close the pan with a lid to make the cooking process faster.  

Steam Boil : Sweet Potato

After the veggies and fruits are done steaming, I blend it with my smoothies blender. Sometimes I add water into the blender, sometimes I don't. It depends on how much liquid does the fruits/veggies rendered out. After that, I will put the puree into portioned container and let it cool completely before putting into the fridge. I use ClevaMama which I bought in Mothercare for about RM56 if I'm not mistaken. 

You can actually find lots of these types of container online and in stores, it's pretty easy to find. You can use this type of container to freeze the puree you made for a month (or more, depending  on the type of food). Don't forget to write the date when you made it because you don't want to feed your baby long overdue food right? As for reheating the puree, I boil hot water and soak the container into the hot water. I am trying my best to avoid using microwave for my baby food. 

I use this to store Marissa's food when we need to go somewhere. :)

Lets check out what purees I have made for Marissa!

Pear and apple gotta be her favourite since it is sweet. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes has almost similar taste and she seems to enjoy it as well. The fact that she eats the broccoli puree I made for her is really amazing! *hahaha* she looked a bit reluctant but she actually finished the whole bowl. :P Anyway, I'm gonna give her spinach and carrot next week, let's see how it goes. And I am going to start giving her porridge once she reached 7 months. :) That's all for now, till my next Baby Talk series. :)

**Disclaimer : I am not a professional nor a specialist, I am just sharing about what I love and dislikes, what Marissa's enjoys and what I experienced as a first time mom. Our opinions might not be on the same level, but remember being a parent means putting our child first. Every body has their own way of parenting so please keep the positive vibes coming in, I really appreciate that. :) And to new mommies-to-be, maybe you can read my experience as your guidance or additional knowledge. :)

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