Friday, September 4, 2015

BEAUTY | Review : Too Faced Love Flush

Assalamualaikum and hello.

When I first got these babies, I could not wait to share the review with all of you. Too Faced Love Flush are just adorable and cute, ahhh no words can describe it's cuteness! LOL maybe I'm over the top but like seriously, how can you even use these up? I got these as a birthday present from my darling Samia. Oh girl you spoiled me to bits! Thank you so much for the gestures, I am speechless! Love you babe!

Love Flush is the latest blush by Too Faced. It is said to be long-wearing (16 hours) , fade proof, smudge proof and highly pigmented. Love Flush comes in 6 shades which are Justify My Love, Your Love Is King, How Deep Is Your Love?,  I Will Always Love You, Baby Love and Love Hangover. Firstly I gotta say, Too Faced packaging is always on top. Their quirky, cute and adorable packaging and name (of their products) are always eye-catching. The love shape is definitely romantic and somehow it ignites my lovey-dovey side. *yeah no kidding*

Even the blush itself is super cute! I can't even think about using it because I'm afraid the bunny will dissapear! *hahaha so dramatic!* But seriously, would you use it? :P Let's check out the 3 shades I got.

I Will Always Love You
How Deep Is your Love?
Justify My Love

I Will Always Love You : A peachy shade. More of a satin finish when swatched on my hand/  applied on my cheeks.  
How Deep Is Your Love : A coral-ish pink shade. Gold particles are likely to be seen in the pan but it comes out matte when swatched on my hand / applied on my cheeks.
Justify My Love : A barbie pink shade with gold particles. The gold particles is apparent when swatched on my hand / applied on my cheeks. More of a satin finish.

The texture of these blush are buttery soft. It is pigmented therefore you only need a little. It is buildable and easy to blend out. I do noticed that they are slightly powdery but it's not chalky. They do gives a fresh and glowy finish to the skin. Speaking of the 16 hours of long-wear, I am not sure about that as I do not wear my makeup for 16 hours. Take note that when you swatched on your hands, yes it will disappear within 2 hours. However when I applied them on my cheeks, I must say they stayed on pretty well for at least 5 hours. Maybe the temperature of our hands and face is different due to the oiliness/dryness of the skin (Well I'm not technically sure about this but that's how I feel). The packaging is a definite thumbs up for me because they are simply adorable. The colour range is also good because all 6 shades compliment from fair to darker skin tone. I really think darker skin tones will look amazing by using Justify My Love and Your Love Is King! You girls can check out Too Faced website for the other 3 shades that I did not mentioned here.

Too Faced Love Flush is retailed at RM90 in Sephora Malaysia. I'm not sure whether they have restock these blush because everyone is saying they are nowhere to be found. 

If you are not sure whether to get this or not, I'd suggest try it in the store first, or even buy one to experiment whether they are really worth it. To me they are beautiful and definitely a lovely edition to my makeup collection! :)

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BEAUTY | New In Store : Laura Mercier Chrome Extravagance Fall 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Summer is ending soon and fall is coming. You guess it right, tonnes of Fall/Autumn Collection is coming to our shores and one of it is from Laura Mercier. This year, Laura Mercier Extra Chrome Extravagance dazzles us with is glitzy, electric lights and disco ball 'themed' collection where we will be enticed by the glamorous and colour crash effect! 

Laura Mercier Extra Chrome Extravagance Collection consists of :

Eye Chromes Eyeshadows (New Limited Edition)
2 x New Limited Edition Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm (Bloody Cherry & Creme De Cassis) and 1  x Permanent Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm (Amaretto Swirl)
Kajal D'Orient
Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara (Repromote)

EYE CHROMES (New Limited Edition)
Size / Weight : 4 x 0.8g
Price : RM195 (inclusive of GST)
*In store August 2015

Such a beautiful selection of colours. Vibrant, shimmering shadow foils with chic glitter effects.  4 shades including Iced Nickel, Aluminium Grey, Purple Chrome and Blue Steel. All of these colours are so pigmented, simply stunning and a definite 'fall colours'! The texture is buttery soft and I did not notice any fall outs. It does not contain D5, oil, lanolin and parabens which is always a good thing. These shadows can be used dry or wet. Dry application gives a shimmer foil effect while wet application gives a higher coverage metal chrome effect. 

Size / Weight : 3.5g
Price : RM99 

Left : Blood Cherry
Right : Creme De Cassis

Top : Blood Cherry
Right : Creme De Cassis

Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm is a new creamy 3-in-1 lip product that act as as a lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss at the same time. The creamy texture makes it moisturizing enough to be a lip balm, where as the colour pay off is simply amazing. And the finish look gives the wearer a shiny lips as if lip gloss is applied on the lips. The 2 new limited edition lip parfait for this collection are Blood Cherry and Creme De Cassis. There's another shade inclusive in the range which is Amaretto Swirl (repromote). The Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm (permanent collection) is already in store with 12 shades available. Each of the Lip Parfait is retailed at RM99. (*In store August 2015)

Laura Mercier Extra Chrome Extravagance Collection also consists of Kajal D'Orient, one stroke of carbon colour intensity with a luminous shine finish.  It is creamy, long-lasting and provides intense colour payoff. The eyeliner is retail at RM 115 (1.5g). Another product inclusive in the collection is a repromote product, Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara.

Price : RM235
*Permanent Collection *In store September 2015

The Candleglow Luminizing Palette is not a part of the Chrome Extravagance Collection  but it is a new palette by Laura Mercier. This light infused dimensional palette creates the perfect glow for skin all day long. It has two (2) highlighting powders [Radiance & Glimmer] for the candlelight glow effect for the entire face and 4 eyeshadow [Glow, Spark, Light & Twinkle] to open up your eyes through the shimmer effects. A beautiful palette I must say!

The makeup look using the Laura Mercier Extra Chrome Extravagance Collection is a definite win as the eyes are perfection! Who would have thought combining purple and blue would look so beautiful? This collection as a must have if you love the dark, shimmery tones. Ahh simply stunning!

For more information on this collection, kindly visit Laura Mercier Malaysia Facebook Page and Instagram as below or visit any of their beauty counters. 

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