Affordable First Home at Astrum Ampang


Kalau cakap pasal nak beli rumah, what is the first thing that comes to mind? 

For me, it is always about location, location, location! Why is location important? Sebab I want to live in a location yang accessible, dekat dengan my parents' house, dekat dengan my kids' schools, dekat dengan tempat yang I selalu pergi. Terus-terang I cakap, I don't know if I can stay outside KL sebab I love being in KL sebab semua benda ada. But I know getting a house in KL is really expensive, lagi-lagila if you are a first time homebuyer, confirm la pening kepala mana nak cari, kan? But if you are looking for your first home or even for investment, you might want to checkout this new project by Setia Awan Group Central Region, Astrum Ampang which is located along Jalan Ampang and Jalan Jelatek areas. 

Astrum Ampang is a 6.8-acre mixed property development with the first-ever development with a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and SOHO Transit concept. Banyak sangat facilities and amenities available here, which is really a plus point when searching for a new home. Lagipun orang pun ramai yang pilih nak tinggal in high-rise building because semua ada! If you look at the location, this area is a mature location, meaning dah banyak development around the area. Area ni hot area sebab accessible to all major landmarks such as KLCC. Astrum Ampang is just a brief 150 meters walking distance to Jelatek LRT station and it will have its' own covered pedestrian bridge to the Jelatek LRT station! You also bole je jalan kaki to Datum Mall because it's only 50m away!

If you live in Astrum Ampang, you are living in a 'City Within City' because it is a complete neighbourhood, as you can find everything you need in this location, as Setia Awan Group develop this project with this new concept HOPSCA (Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping, Connectivity and Apartment) for modern living style for the urbanites. 

Apa facilities and amenities yang ada di Astrum Ampang? There are a total of 62 facilities for the residents. Here are some of it :

Children's indoor playground
Multi-purpose hall
Smart Gym
Community centre/co-working space,
Outdoor theatre
Infinity Pool
Sunken Jacuzzi
Outdoor tennis court
Reflexology room
and so on....

62 facilities available in Astrum, Ampang

Okay so now apa yang I dapat tengok at the showroom is the SOHO Transit, which is a built up area of 280sq.ft. It is a complete house with a kitchen, a bathroom, dining and also bedroom. 

For me, it is a perfect home for a single 30s that is looking for a home because this SOHO Transit unit (a built up area of 280 sq.ft) starts at RM230,000 only! I think it is a good deal considering of the great location and endless list of facilities and amenities provided. Nanti akan ada jugak SOHO Suites (450sq.ft) and the Mampu Milik Service Apartments (450sq.ft and 550sq.ft). Setia Awan Group akan launch the first phase, comprising SOHO Transit (1360 units) and Rumah Mampu Milik (712 units) for first-time homebuyers from the starting price of RM230,000 to RM270,000.

How cool is this? Smart home app for security and modern lifestyle

I suka sangat concept rumah macam ni, this is a great weekend house!

Smart Gym ni menarik sangat! Sebab ada personalised virtual class, tak payah dah nak bayar gym mahal-mahal!

This project is expected to complete in 2026, and I actually feel that this is a great place to start a new life going into adulthood. Or this is could also be a great investment property, rent it out for contract tenant or as an Air bnb  or as homestay. If you are interested to check it out, visit their showroom in Phileo Damansara 1 (Call for appointment : 018-371 2888)

For more information on Setia Awan's projects, please visit :

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