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As mentioned in my previous blogpost, I shared about TOGL. So now in related to that, I want to share a little bit more about Yippi by TOGL. Currently Yippi has 6 million users in Southeast Asia and China, mainly used by the younger generations as they are the current purchasing power in the world. It is known that most younger generations are online all the time and this is something that caters to their needs and wants. Yippi allows users to share their lives and express their ideas, as well as offset their daily expenses through e-rewards.

What can you expect from Yippi? Sharing your life with your family and friends in an instant! Be it sharing photos on your profile, doing LIVE session to be more interactive , or you can also send messages to stay connected. This would be a great apps to use daily especially you are far away from your loved ones. 

Yippi is a platform for sharing users daily lives, sharing information such as where to purchase amazing products, how to book your travel needs and at the same time they can earn reward points to cover daily expenses. Do you know that you can earn tips from posts, live streaming and also occasional game events? You can also earn reward points when you spend at Yippi Biz's partners merchants including RedBox, Park 28 Boutique Dining, Freestore, Bottomless, etc. 

Yippi is the flagship product for TOGL which the biggest highlight is the creation of rewards ecosystem. How does the reward points work? The accumulated rewards points (Yipps Points) can offset utility bills such as water and electricity bills, phone bills and student loans.Furthermore, it can be used to cover various fields such as catering, online shopping, tourism, entertainment, beauty and healthcare through Yippi Biz's partner merchants. What about Yippi's e-commerce partner such as Topzmall or TogaGo? Yes you can use your reward points through these platforms too!

It is good to know that Yippi's research and development have brought TOGL to the next level, by achieving: 

  • Golden Bull Award - Outstanding SME Award  (2021 and 2020 )
  • Enterprise Asia - International Innovation Award - Product Category (2020)
  • BrandLaureate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - Best Brands e-Branding Award - Information and Communication (ICT) - Social MessagingApp from The World Brands Foundation (2020)

TOGL also provides software support to all subsidiary companies, including TOGA, RedBox, Eostre and Keenon. TOGL provides a wide range of professional services to other external clients such as application development, E-Commerce solutions and online platforms, product design and digital transformation, technology consulting, web application development, information technology development and more. 

TOGL has a bigger vision, which is "To be the No.1 Social Messaging Super in Southeast Asia", hence TOGL is working hard to expand to the whole Southeast Asia to achieve this goal!


You can download Yippi for FREE (yess free!) through :

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Huawei App Gallery

As an Iphone user, just search Yippi in your Apple App Store, and you will be directed to this. Just click Get! It's good to try out new social apps, broaden your experience. You can share about your life while earning e-rewards points, that's a bonus point isn't it?

For more information on TOGL, please visit : https://www.togltechnology.com/

For more information on Yippi, please visit :

Instagram : @yippiofficial

For more info on Yippi Biz, please visit :

Instagram : @yippswanted

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