Transformation (read if u dare) hihihi... :D

Transformation ye, bukan Transformers. :P

I just finished my baking session for today. And the internet is currently not available due to maintenance. Ha, at least P1W1max sent me a msg telling that the service will be out in a few hours.

ok ni gamba tetibe je, sbb terjumpa. elmo comel sgt! :)

Because of this boredom, I was going thru some old pictures, when I was in UiTM (Melaka and Shah Alam). Oh my god, the transformation I’ve gone thru is so… urghh no words can describe. Hahah in the beginning I was so dark, so pale (since I know nothing about make up), very makcik-like. I think I look better now? ;) U wanna see me in 2002? Hahahaha scroll down for the photos. And yeah, I dun mind people see me in those old photos, it’s still me and I’m not ashamed, at all. Why don’t u create a post like this, and see how far have u transformed in 10 years time? :)


Hahaha look at this! This photo was taken in my first semester in UiTM Melaka. The darkness + redness! OMG hahaha oh that Baby-G watch! I love it so much, where did I keep u? kene cari!!


Extra OMG! ni mmg xleh blah! Ahaha no much difference from my 2002 photo. Hahah sgt la mcm makcik! :P this was taken at Terengganu, during a trip organized by a subject (Leisure Management, I think).



Hahahhahah still, just the same with my previous photo. This was taken at Ostrich Farm in PD, during a trip (Tour Planning class). Ok, xtau nk ckp ape. Mmg mcm makcik! I’m so dark la wey. Oh, Melaka is super hot!!


Captured during Pre-Graduation Nite (I don’t remember where). I think this is quite ok, except for level kehitaman. Hahah mase ni mcm dh ok cket la, eh ye ke? Haha :P


Ok, ni way better than last year. Hehe cute la cket. Where was I in this photo? At Nando’s Mid Valley. It’s funny that I can easily recall the place. Gamba ni saya bagi 3 out of 5..hehe


Oohh gamba ni mcm nak makan org!hahah x jumpe gamba yg sesuai. Haha This was at Sushi King, Mid Valley (again?) huhu. This one pun ok, despite of not wearing any make up. :P Natural beauty la konon! Bluekkkkk! :P


Ni mmg gamba favourite la. Hehe I think start dr cni la muke mcm dh jd mcm arab cket. Eh ye ke bna? Hehe well org yg ckp. And mase ni baru la tau how make up can transform ur looks. I look pretty cute here, agree x? :P haha self-obsessed! Gamba ni was captured mase tgh tunggu Edura nak g amek kete die kat Proton. Weeehoooo, saye suke ini gamba! :P


Owh this was taken at Ayam Penyet, Curve. I had lunch with Haley mase ni. Gamba ni buat me look so fair, padahal xdela sgt pun.huhu thanx Haley, this was captured by ur handphone Sony yg best tu! ;) But tgkla eyebag and dark circles yg horror tu..urrgghhh!!


2010 (Present)

Ahhhh, this is taken in April, at Sahara Tent, Bukit Bintang. I looked way fairer compare to my usual, definitely bcoz I was outside and the sunlight pretty much helped my complexion. Saya x secerah ini yer… :P Noticed how wide is my smile? Sampai ade org ckp, "Ko mmg suke senyum over eh bna?”. Eh, that’s how I smile. Mane de over.

Haha tp skang tgh try senyum x nmpk gigi. Comel jugak kan? Muahahahhahaha

Ok peeps. That’s how I have transformed. Dari kanak2 ribena, dah jadi adult ribena. Hahah :P I really think that a good skin care routine and the right make up will do wonders for u. Find the suitable product that can enhance ur beauty, And please take care of ur hygiene, its very important. My ex-skoolmate who hasn’t seen me for a few years sumtimes asked me how did I get smooth skin (as I suffered from terrible acne + redness when I was in skool. It was so bad, I dun even want to think about it).

Well, I went for facial for a few months after SPM. Then I started using Neutrogena Skin Clearing for 5 years (2004 – 2008). It’s damn good. I found out about in an Australian magazine (Dolly). It clears out my skin, and believe me, no zits at all (except during that red dot). I think Neutrogena has stopped the product coz I tried searching for it, and couldn’t find anymore. Darn!

Then I tried searching for new products as I’ve been using Neutrogena for so long. This is the hard part, coz I’m afraid that the new product will damage my skin. Urrgghh so in 2009, I tried Total Effect Facial Wash by Olay for 6 months (I felt nothing, no difference). Then I switched to Mustika Ratu (I don’t remember the product range, but for oily skin) for 6 months. The product made my skin more oily and darker!! Haiyooooo I hate it!

Early this year, I started using Tia Amelia (suggested by my friend, Mirna) coz I can see the difference in her skin tone, fair, but suits her. Bukan mcm certan product yg buat kulit putih mcm hantu. Oh, mintak simpang! Now dah almost 7 months pakai, and I am happy with the results, yerp I’m fairer (but fair yg sesuai) and less oily. Thanx Mirnot! :) If u wanna try, the set around rm90-100 (include 2 facial soaps, 1 sunblock/foundation, 1 krim pemutih and 1 krim kunyit). But I bought the toner so, add around RM17. But now the facial wash dah ade dlm botol (rm18). Smell better (coz yg soap mcm x brp nk best bau die,hehe). Try la kalau mau, byk je jual kt booth2 yg jual all local products. :)

*image source :
~Packaging die mcm ni la

Oh 1 more thing, I swear on TOTAL EFFECTS (7-in-1 Anti Ageing Cream) for moisturizer. Been using it since 2005, and it’s darn good! My skin has become smooth and I really believe it’s half of the reason my skin is in a better condition right now. 5 years ago, a bottle cost me around RM40-50 (50g). But now the price is between RM30-40. And now dh ade smaller size, a bottle 20g for RM22 only! And kadang2 ade promotion (50g moisturizer + facial wash + serum) at RM35 only! How cheap is that??? It has been good to me, maybe it will be to u too.  but maybe ur skin x sesuai, but u will never know kalau x try kan? ;)

*image source :

Eh ckp psl skin care pulak..ehehe just for sharing coz ade jugak yg bertanya what kind of skin care products yg saya pakai. Sume pun murah2 je, affordable, sume pun bole beli. :) Nanti I will share other beauty/make up/health products yg I think berkesan, ok x? asyik ckp psl food je, kdg2 nak tukar angin jugak, tul x? :)

See u lovelies in my next post. Tata! ;)

p/s : I'm looking for eye cream/gel for dark circles and eyebag. mine are so teruk already. dah xtau nk try product ape. anyone ade suggestion?? help me please....



  1. aha. k.bna pon pkai tia amelia
    gak ke? same la kite. tp dah lame
    gak la nieja stop pkai kunyit smua tu,
    just pakai cuci muka dia je. and now,
    dah tgk muka k.bna semakin cun, macam
    nak pakai balik la. hahahha gediks kan?

  2. aah nieja. mirnot recommend. mula2 takut nk try, coz xmo jadi mcm putih tepung gomak! wuwuwu pastu try jugakla, first 2 weeks dh nmpk result. :) krim pemutih and kunyit tu awal2 je pakai hari2, now bile rajin je. haha but at least 2/3 times a week kak bna pakai. haha xdela cun mana pun, but I'm happy with my skin rite now. :) pakaila balik krim pemutih and kunyit tu and.... minum air byk! kak bna tau mcm cliche je, hehe, but it's true! muke akan nmpk lebih radiant and glowy.. ;)

  3. yg olay tu moisturizer ehh?
    ok ke? boleh try. ehe.
    aah nieja nak try pakai blk :)
    jeles tgk muka k.bna comel je.

  4. utk mata tuh wawa pakai yg garnier..ok la...mata ni teruk sgt x rajin sgt xde la kurang mane sgt..hehe...rasenye kalo pakai petua org dulu2 maybe mujarab kot...hehehe

  5. kakak bna mmg comel dr dulu wpon katanye 'hitam' kan. kalu ko tu 'itam', aku igt aku ni keling kaler agak nye kan bna kan. hahahhaha

  6. nieja : yup, moisturizer. dulu ade yg biase je, now dh ade yg sekali ngn foundation and cooling effect..but kak bna still pakai yg biasa punye. thanx nieje, TERsegan sekejap..haha :)

  7. wa : bna tgh guna olay total effect eye cream, tp xde hasil pun. dh mcm2 produk pakai, xde hasil pun. abis duit..wuwuwu :( yg garnier tu yg mcm roll on tu ke?

  8. zura : haha betul la weyh, kite sume mmg itam gile kot melaka..haha u r not mcm 'k' ok...itam manis yg menawan...skang sudah cunnn ok! :)

  9. yup..yg roll on tuh..rasenyer ok jer..try tgh rajin2 kan diri pakai blk...pakai masker lulur bagai...hehehe...

  10. wa : alritey, thanx darling!nanti bna try. :)

  11. hai bna. i like your writing.wink2
    are u still using tia till now?



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