I haven't posted anything this month. Been busy with baking? YES absolutely. I am so thankful to Allah S.W.T for giving all these rezeki, as well as to my supportive family & friends, and my loyal customers. You guys mean a lot to me, no words can describe how much I appreciate your endless support. *BIG HUGS* :)

Ok, so today I want to talk about beauty.What do u know about beauty? how would u rate whether someone is beautiful or not? why would I want to talk about beauty? Well, this subject has been in my mind for quite sometime, i just haven't got the time to pour it out. :)

What is important to u? Inner or outer beauty? Honestly speaking, people would say that they will go for inner beauty, but is it true? betul ke org pentingkan kecantikan dalaman dari luaran?

For me, cantik dalaman lagi penting, because at the end of the day, how a person treat u & other people, itu yg patut diambil kira. Kalau muka cantik tapi perangai mcm dot dot dot, buat ape kan? :)

Tapi kecantikan luaran pun kene la jugak ambil perhatian. It's just not about want to look good for other people, tapi lebih untuk keselesaan diri dan utk self-confidence. Yang utama, jaga kebersihan diri. :) dan bile nak melawa tu, silalah berbelanja mengikut kemampuan sendiri. I know there are girls out there yg terpengaruh dgn fashion + beauty magazines. The urge to get/buy the items dlm magazines, just to look good and be up to date in fashion. Tak salah nak beli semua2 tu, tapi berpada2. :)

As for me, kalau dah cantik luar, alangkah baiknya kalau dalaman pun cantik. kan package tu. :)

U guys kan check this video out dr matluthfi. hehe dia ni klakarkan??? :)

source : youtube

Dlm malaysia ni, artis perempuan mana yg u rase cantik? hehehe saje nak tau. :) Vanida Imran sgt cantik di mata saya, di tambah lagi dgn personal life dia yg private and sgt low profile, and she is free from any wild gossips. And she's a good actress too. i love her! :)

source : google image

"Sometimes a woman likes it better when a guy talks about her inner beauty rather than praising her pretty face."



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