My Norwex Journey Pt. 2 : Top 5 Kitchen Products From Norwex To Make Your Life Easier

My last post on Norwex was in November and I did say that I wanna take the time to post about Norwex products because I want to use it first, then I will only be able to share about my experience using them. In the course of 6 months (going into 7 months this month) using them since September 2020, I can now finally share with you all my favourite products and today we are going to start with kitchen products!  I love cooking for my family and also I am a baker, so you can imagine that I'll be in the kitchen 24/7 !

But before we get into the products, I want to share a little bit of my achievement, I finally managed to ranked up to a Brand Advocate (BA) end of February. It was a happy moment because I have been working hard to level up. It might be easy for some people, but for me it took a lot of my time strategising to make sure that I WILL rank up on February. 

My hard work paid off, and of course I wouldn't be a BA if my consultants did not rank up to Team Achievers. So a big THANK YOU to Alyza, Liyana and Mira for your hardwork and I hope you girls love your Team Achiever's reward! :) Yes if you sign up with me as a Norwex Consultant, you will be rewarded (by myself)  when you rank up. :) Of course you will get way more gifts from Norwex once you join us. Do you want to be in my #teamsabbyprue ?

I am opening up slots for new recruitment, anyone can sign up with me as long as you are driven, willing to work hard and excited to work in supportive environment! Don't be shy and don't be afraid to try something new, we will guide you from A-Z, and you can whatsapp me anytime of the day, just ask any questions.  Everyone is looking for alternative ways to boost their income in this trying times. 

New Starter Kit for Consultant

What about you? You can start the business as low as RM95 or upgrade to RM368 and get more products so you can create your demo videos and images immediately right after you have received the products! If you wanna read more on why Norwex is the right direction for you, do read this post MY JOURNEY PART 1 to get better understanding. :) 

Fresh Start Program is a way for you to get motivated to make sales and get free gifts! Best tau Fresh Star gifts ni sebab boleh dapat Norwex Mop System for FREEEE! :D Kalau you jadi consultant I, I akan explain lebih lanjut. 

Currently, Norwex is having a special promotion for new consultants and Team Achievers where you can get shopping spree up to RM400! You only need to have 100QV every month for 3 subsequent months, then you can get RM90 shopping spree! :D If your QV reaches to 900QV you are entitled to get the RM400 shopping spree! How awesome is that? You'll get this on top of your fresh start giftsssss! :D

Or else you can whatsapp me by clicking this link : to ask anything about Norwex! There were several people contacted me through this post, and I did recruited a consultant because she read my blog and she whatsapped me. The choice is yours to make a difference in your life!

Okay so let's get into my favourite kitchen products from Norwex, but before we get into that, I wanna give an honourable mention to EnviroCloth because this cloth is great for everything! I use this for the kitchen, for the whole household basically. So you can guess that this will be included in all of my favourite posts in the future, so I will leave it out in the top 5 ok. :P

Super-dense EnviroCloth that can pickup dirt, dust and grimes and removes up to 99% of bacteria surfaces with only water. With BacLock Technology, that self-purifies within 24 hours.  I always use this to absorb water spillage, polishing my cooking appliance such as my water kettle, air fryer, oven, the list is endless!

Size : 35cm x 35cm

Made from 70% Recycled Materials of two 500ml plastic bottles (Plum & Teal)
Price : RM79 (Get it at RM67.15 - click to get 15% off)

Norwex Cutting Board is made from biodegradable natural rice husks. It is sturdy and durable, easy to clean and has foo grade silicone-grip rings to keep it in place. At first when I saw the price, I was really skeptical coz why is it so expensive? After purchasing it and using for about 3 months, I am happy to report this is one of the best purchase so far! Oh I beli yang small size je.

Kenapa I suka this cutting board? 
Firstly bila guna pisau tajam, takde scratches. Yes! 
Secondly, bila potong-potong tu cutting board tak bergerak-gerak, rasa selamat Insyaallah.
Thirdly, ada groove on the edge of the cutting board so whenever I potong-potong sayur ke daging ke, all liquid akan jatuh situ and tak berkecah
Fourthly, senang sangat nak cuci! even kalau ada stain kunyit, basuh cepat2 mesti hilang.
... and lastly this cutting board ada lubang kat hujung so makes it easier to store, gantung2 je, tak payah nak letak atas counter top.

Cutting Board
Size : 35cm x 25cm (Small) / 40cm x 30cm (Large) 
Price : RM189 (Small) / RM249 (Large) 
Discount Price : RM160.65 (Small) / RM211.65 (Large) - click to get 15% off

Okay, kitchen cloth and towel is a MUST in any Norwex household. I use the kitchen cloth to wipe any spills, wipe off my counter top and sink area, lap fridge and also to dry out my dishes. If you look closely, these cloths and towels have this texture that makes it super absorbent. Serious, try la guna kitchen cloth or towel ni untuk keringkan pinggan-mangkuk. Lap sekali je dah kering, then takda lint or bulu towel melekat kat pinggan. As for the towel, I use it when I'm cooking! Ok apa maksudnye tu? I akan sangkut this kitchen towel at my apron, and as I am cooking, I will use it to wipe my hand because I am constantly washing my hands, and also to wipe anything yang basah macam pans ke, senduk ke, apa-apa lah! MMG wajib both of these!

Size :
Kitchen Cloth - 35cm x 26cm
Kitchen Towel - 65cm x 35cm

Price :
Kitchen Cloth : RM49 (Get it at RM41.65)
Kitchen Towel : RM89 (Get it at RM75.65)
Cloth & Towel Set : RM118 (Get it at RM100.30)
Cloth Trio : RM129 (Get it at RM109.65)

Dish Cloths is my substitute for my dish sponges. I basuh pinggan guna dish cloth sebab I bole pakai lama and I bole keringkan this dish cloth malam lepas I settle kemas dapur. Korang tau tak how dirty it is your dish sponges yang korang guna and tak tukar sampai sebulan? Do you know that you need to change your dish cloths every 2 week? and banyak mana pulak pembaziran duit tukar every 2 weeks and pembaziran tukar-tukar sponges tu for our environment? 

Norwex Dish Cloths is a specially woven and netted, works really well in scrubbing and heavy duty cleaning especially when I'm baking food like baked pasta. All the cheese yang melekat-lekat at the bottom of the pan, senang nak scrub and cuci. Same as when I'm baking, senang nak pick up tepung (flour), castor sugar, etc yang spilled on my counterwipe off sticky surfaces  top. This is a must have you guys! You can watch my video on my Instagram macamana I guna this Dish Cloths. Click for my dish cloths video 

The size is also besar, I saw some people cut it in half, but I prefer the big size coz I can use it for my sink whenever I'm prepping to cook. And you get a pack of two when you purchase this dish cloths, you can save your money coz you can use it for a really really long time. 

Dish Cloths
Size : 45cm x 45cm
Colours Available : Graphite / Blue
Price : RM75 (pack of 2) - Get it at RM63.75 only (click to get 15% off)

So... counter cloths is one of the first things that I wanted to try from Norwex. I replaced kitchen towel with this counter cloths, so it means that you can use this counter cloths exactly the way how you would use your kitchen towel. Except, that you are actually saving our trees and money by using counter cloths. 

How I use this Norwex Counter Cloths and why I love it?
Untuk serap minyak from all my fried food. Dalam banyak2 Norwex microfiber, this is THE ONE to absorb minyak. tak payah membazir pakai kitchen towel dah.
Untuk preserve your veggies in the fridge. Yes, simply cover your veggies yang you simpan dalam container, and trust me veggies you akan tahan lebih lama!
As a baker, I use this to wipe any greasy residue while baking, or even I use it to wipe my fingers bila terkena my buttercream frosting or butter etc
Counter cloths ni juga sesuai untuk pack together with your kids lunchbox (because of the small size) in case they need to wipe of anything. But remember to tell them too bring the cloths back home! :P

Counter Cloths
Size : 
SET OF 3 (28cm x 13cm) 
SET OF 6 (24cm x 14.9cm x 8.5cm) +  black, open frame metal wire box

Price : 
SET OF 3 : RM89 (Get it at RM75.65) 
SET OF 6 : RM269 (Get it at RM228.65) 

I actually use this EnviroSponges mainly for cleaning my sink. I just wet it with water, and I scrub my sink. It is dual-sided,one side is enviro and another side is scrubby side. Tapi yang scrubby side tu tak harsh and tak scratch the surface. Sinki I mmg bersih lepas guna EnviroSponges ni. Selain tu I also use this to scrub any pots and pans yang ada kekotoran yang degil. I guna jugak this EnviroSponges to scrub my bathroom tiles, hahahah gigih tak! I memang tonyoh betul-betul sampai ada scrub part tu yang terkeluar bulu-bulu dia. HAHAHA tapi mmg I sental betul-betul. Tapi memang boleh guna je lagi, I akan pakai sampai lunyai baru tukar yang baru. One box ada 2 pcs of Enviro Sponges, so lepas this current one dan betul-betul tak boleh pakai, I will switch to a new one. You can actually this for anything, I kadang-kadang guna this EnviroSponges with Cleaning Paste to clean my stove. Trial and error to fully maximise the capability ok?

Left : Enviro microfiber side  |  Right : scrubby side

Size : 15.2cm x 10.2cm
Price : RM89 for a pack of 2 (Get it at RM75.65) - click to get 15% off

So here's my pick for Top 5 for kitchen, if you wanna get any of them, do buzz me up and if your total purchase is more than RM250 (before discount), I will give you a special gift! :D Anything just text me ok?

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