What I want for 2013, Part I

Assalamualaikum and hello.

How's your first week of january 2013? Mine has been somewhere in the middle. =.= we are out of water supply for almost 2 weeks now. Sekejap ade, sekejap takde. I need to stop baking for a little while. It is so hard to clean up after the mess I make. Uwaaaa that's the thing that bugs me right now. If you have to choose between not having water supply and power supply, which one would u prefer? Please let me knowwww coz honestly I believe it's harder to live without water. Uwaaaa -_-

Ok the point of this post is actually just to list down the things that I want to try to achieve. Well I'm not saying that I must have new year resolutions, but it is just something to keep me focus. Having goals in your life is pretty neat, right? I have several resolutions that I want to list down, I will do it in several posts coz listing down everything in a go is just too much for me. Ahaha :D

Enough intro. Lets proceed. Hihi

1. Eat right
I really want to avoid eating fast food. According to Sabby Prue a.k.a yours truly, fast food are McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and A&W. I know there are a lot more fast food outlets out there but these 4 is my main NO NO. As you know that fast food is not so good for you so why consume it? I know it's convenient, easy access and super fast, but maybe we should look beyond that. I'm not saying that I wont eat them, but I will try my best to avoid eating them. Maybe I can have them once in 2 months? How's that? Just to satisfy those fatty burgers, salty french fries, oily onion rings and those gebu waffles cravings. Hehe fyi, I havent eaten fast food for quite sometime.

The last time I eaten :
McDonalds - Somewhere in September or October last year
KFC - Somewhere in November last year
Burger King - So long ago, I don't even remember when
A&W - Oh gosh, I think in January or February last year

The reason I want to eat right is to be healthy. And of course to lose weight (who doesn't?). It does not mean I'm trying to avoid oily greasy food and depends on veggies ( gilaaaa?? I love eating meat!) I just want to make the right choice when eating and eat everything in moderation. Yup that's the goal. I know I can do it. And furthermore, I don't want to rely on supplements or any tools machine whatever to be healthy. U get what I mean? So yeahhhh...

Okay I guess that's all for part 1. Stay tuned for part 2. ;)

Till then, have a great sunday lovelies! :)



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