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I told you I'll be back. LOL anyway I have been getting bored at home. I know everyone said you should sleep when your baby is sleeping, but I can't! That's the problem. I need to be productive in the morning or else I will feel sluggish and super malas. Anyway I want to share with all of you my beauty picnic with innisfree  way back on 19th of September. I was so excited to go because it is innisfree , it's one of my favourite skincare brand. For sure I don't want to miss it. innisfree Beauty Picnic was held at Organica Lifestyle which is located in Bangsar. The cafe promotes clean eating because as a matter of fact, we are what we eat, right? I really love the decoration in the cafe because it really does scream picnic! :)

They laid down this beautiful spread for us to take photos but I was heavily pregnant that time, it's impossible for me to sit on the floor. Too bad. *hahah*

We had a 10-mins of meditation that morning. Oh gosh look at that tummy!
Johnny Nam, innisfree Brand Manager.

These are the latest range from innisfree, Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line. Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line is a skincare range that uses carbonic hot spring water (a.k.a Sparkling Mineral Water) as the main ingredient to clear out skin an maintain moisture from within. innisfree wants to give their consumers hot spring spa-like experience whenever they use this skin care range. This carbonic hot spring water from Jeju Sanbangsan Mountain  primal was formed 800,000 years ago and it has the average temperature of 31 degrees Celsius which is lower than any other hot springs. This eventually helps to keep the carbon content of the water high. The carbonic acid from the hot spring has the ability to penetrates into the skin due to its highly soluble  state which increases the oxygen absorption of blood, muscles and skin. That day we were able to try out all of the range, let me take you through! :)

innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder 
Weight/Size : 30g
RP : RM8.00

This is a ready to use carbonic acid powder pack that clears out and moisturizes the skin, giving the consumers a relaxing spa treatment at the comfort of their own home. It contains Jeju tangerine peel extract which gives instant brightening effect by cleansing away dirt left inside the pores. The Mineral Powder comprises of 2 sachets. 

Sachet 1

Firstly, fill in the bowl with water (1.5 - 2 litres). Add sachet 1 and wait until the powder dissolves into the water. 

Sachet 2
Add in sachet 2 and stir the water to make fizzy bubbles. The fizzy bubbles form as the sparkling mineral powder dissolves in the water creating a sparkling massage effect. 

When I soaked my face into the bowl of water, I can feel the tingling sensation and frizzy effect on my skin. It sure feels like soaking my face into a carbonated drink! It is a bit hard to soak into the water so I soaked about 10 seconds then I get some air and I continued doing that for 2 to 3 minutes. My skin felt absolutely refreshed! It feels like the mineral powder has clear out all of the impurities on my face and it makes my skin feels so soft! I freaking love this step!

innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum
Weight/Size : 80ml
RP : RM90.00

Then we proceed to serum. We used the Green Tea Seed Serum which is one of innisfree star products I've used this serum before and I love it! If you want a good serum that provides 5 times moisture power, get this!

innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin
Weight/Size : 200ml
RP : RM79.00

This is a deep hydration toner that is loaded with 88% of sparkling mineral water that provides a powerful boosting effect. It is free from ethanol and penetrates deep into the skin to improve skin texture and also aid in enhancing better absorption of other skincare products in the following steps. Soak the toner int a cotton ball/pad, and wipe it all over the face. Or if you prefer to use your fingers, go ahead then.

innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence
Weight/Size : 70g
RP : RM110.00

The next step is using the essence. This essence contains 73.6% of sparkling mineral water. With the help of Micro Sparkling Technology, micro-sized carbonic acid bubbles that are smaller than the pores are formulated to best fits onto the skin while facilitating penetration of active ingredients, making skin clean, clear and moist. It deliver 5 in 1 intensive moisturizing effect that help with skin concern :
~ moisturize skin
~ improve skin texture
~ balance uneven skin tone
~ keep skin firm
~ strengthen skin barrier

innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Lotion
Weight/Size : 160ml
RP : RM79.00

This lotion contains 61.8% of the sparkling mineral water. Acts as a moisturizer to soften the skin and the macadamia nut oil prevent the loss of moisture  from skin and keeping the skin well hydrated. This lotion moisturizer is suitable for those with oily skin.

innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Cream
Weight/Size : 50ml
RP : RM110.00

Infused with 69.9% of sparkling mineral water, this Jeju Sparkling Mineral Cream absorbs quickly into the skin to form double layer of moisture to gives the skin the hydration it needs. This is perfect for those with dry skin as it can help to strengthen the moisture barrier on skin.

Choose any of these two as your moisturizer!

 innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist
Weight/Size : 80ml
RP : RM52.00

I love facial mist. It is one of the quickest way to hydrate and refresh the skin on the go. Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist contains 90% of sparkling mineral water. It helps to combat dryness while providing all the minerals to keep skin moisturized at all time. The extract of coconut oil helps in retaining the moisture without having the oily feeling.

You can use this facial mist before and after makeup too!

We did a quick touch up after the skin care session. I got to try the Long Wear Cushion and I like it a lot! It contains SPF50+/PA+++, long wearing up to 12 hours and pore blurring effect for a smoother complexion. It retails at RM80/15g. If you love cushion foundation, give this one a go!

Rakan semeja :D. Nisa Kay, Evelyn and budak gemok.

We also made our own salad and sparkling fruit water! ;)

With these gorgeous babes ; Jessy, Jane, Kelly and budak gemok.

Some of the organic food served that day

I would like to say a big thanks to PS Live and innisfree for having me that day. Everyone was extra nice to me due to my bulging tummy! *hahaha* I think my baby had fun that day too. :D I personally love innisfree products, and I have used quite a number of their products. If you have not dived into innisfree, I highly suggest to go t the store and try some products. You gonna love it!

 Thanks for reading! :)

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