Heart To Heart | How I got Eidruce Khalil Out From My Tummy?

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! 

Yes, we made another baby! *LOL* It's Day 23 of my confinement and I'm so glad I only have half way to go! :D

Sooooo, I found out I was pregnant in August 2017 which is the perfect birthday present for me. We were not actually planning for another kid but also, due to my irregular cycle, we kinda can forgo the family planning because no baby will be made if my period is extremely irregular. Anyway, I lost weight (about 8-9kgs last year) and suddenly my period decided to sneak in. My gynaecologist did tell me to lose my weight if I want to regulate (sort of) my period. If losing the weight doesn't do anything then she'll prescribe something for me. Well, what do you know? The moment I reached 54kg (I started dieting when I reached 63kg- gile ke tak berat OMG!), my period said, 'Hello, long time no see". So when I got my period during raya last year, well, here we are now. :D I was really excited about the pregnancy because I do want another kid before I turn 35 (I'm gonna 34 this year if you are wondering. :P). Allah do listen to hamba-NYA. :') We feel so blessed with this rezeki and he came at the perfect time in our lives. 

Anyway, let's get to the birth story of my son. His birth story is less dramatic than Marissa's birth story. If you haven't read that, you can READ HERE. My son, Eidruce Khalil is born on the 28th of March in the morning, c-sec style! :D We've been going to Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) for my monthly checkups with Dr. Seri and at the final stage, we've decided to go for a planned C-sec due to my previous conditions when giving birth to Marissa and also because of my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) due to my irregular period cycle. You guys can google about the syndrome to get the full idea about what it's about. :P Anyway, my due date is on the 9th April 2018, but we've chose 28th March 2018 because we felt that it will be too late to do the operation in April because honest to GOD, the Braxton Hicks I'm feeling is no joke!

We admitted into the hospital at 12am on the 28th March, but earlier in the afternoon we had to sent Marissa to my parent's house. I was really sad leaving her and honestly this 'mom guilt' I'm having since I got pregnant is really taking a toll on me. I do wish that I can be fair to both of them and TRY to be patient when dealing with Marissa. Having a 2.5 years old toddler while having another baby is really tough guys, really tough. I will share more about this in the future okay? :D

First time Marissa meet Eidruce. :')
Sorry for the poor quality photo, it's iPhone with extremely zoomed in shot. *haha*

Before admitting into the hospital, we went to Wong Solo Ampang to get my Ayam Penyet fix because I can't be eating that during my confinement! *hahaha* and we also went to GSC Pavilion to watch 'Shape of the water', is that the correct name of the movie? :P but we didn't stay long because I got dizzy watching it because the cinema hall is so full and my husband bought front seats. *huhu* so we left and went straight to the hospital.

We checked in, and by in the morning they start prepping me up, and by 9.30ish am I was ready to go  into the operating room. This time around I don't have to take Epidural but this shot called Spinal something (not sure of the name) for anaesthetic. It was painful but wayyyy better than Epidural, seriously! After that, I was already laying on the table by 10am, and then by 10.22am, my sweet boy has arrived! :) See, no drama at all! My husband was there with me as this is a planned c-sec (thank GOD) if emergency memang tak dapat la.

Eidruce was so calm and so adorable Masyaallah, I couldn't take my eyes off him. :') I was crying the moment they showed him to me and couldn't be more blessed. :') He does look a little bit like Marissa but please pray that he will look like me. #prayforsabby #imnotkidding

My handsome baby boo. :')

I was taken to the observation room for about half an hour (I guess) then I was sent up to my room. I was feeling okay at that moment but after 2 hours has passed, oh ya the pain is creeping in. T_T let me tell you this, the pain is worst than my first experience. Obviously it's because this is my second time of C-sec within 2 and a half years but seriously, I don't want to go through that again (well at least for 5 years, huhu). But during my discharge day, I was actually feeling better than the first 3 days. I would like to say thank you so much to all the nurses in PCMC for taking care of me and being so kind to answer all my silly questions and teman me borak-borak sometimes. And of course to Doctor Seri for being so nice and informative, and also for being so easy to talk to, thanks for everything lah! :) 

I know there will be people asking about the total cost of a planned C-Sec in PCMC as I actually received quite a number of email and FB messages asking about the price when I gave birth to Marissa. You can email me at sabbyprue10@gmail.com or DM me on my instagram to ask about the total cost ya. :P

Okay guys, I guess that's all for now because Eidruce wants his milk now. And I am actually really really tired of looking at this laptop screen even though I have so much to talk about.  I'm thinking of doing a GRWM video - Mommy Version talking about the difference in both pregnancies, birth delivery, etc.  Just generally talking about handling a toddler and a newborn as a SAHM. Would you like to see that? I will get to it once I'm done with  my confinement.  :)


Thanks for reading!



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