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You've known that THE FACE SHOP has been stepping up their makeup game even more these past years. Starting with the amazing range of CC Cushion Foundation, lip products and now they have a new line of customizable eyeshadow that will be able to cater to any needs. Besides the eyeshadow, a new lip tint is also available and we are going to dive into that a little more. And of course, I'll be talking about  a cleansing water to remove all makeup, you surely want to read this post. But first, let's take a closer look at these adorable Mono Cube Eye Shadow.

Retail Price (incl. GST) : RM23 - RM30
Weight/Size : 1.6g - 2.0g

Mono Cube Eye Shadow is a 'pick & click' eyeshadow where you can customize your own selection through it's unique Lego-like container. You can choose 80 colours to fit in your style and create your own palette by just connecting the single eyeshadow cube. I personally love the existing eyeshadow single (round container) because of the good pigmentation, and this time around, the formulation has been upgraded for better pigmentation and long-lasting.

There are 5 textures that you can find in this range, which includes :

Matte : Ultra silky and buttery soft formulation. Long-lasting due to the 'Air skin fit powder' technology.
Shimmer : More towards satin finish with no smudging. The eyeshadow texture resembles pearl particles.
Glitter : A good option to create a stand out eye makeup look due to the sparkling shiny pearl particles. 
Jelly + Top Coat : Brilliant pearl particles for a shimmery effect and instant sparkles. Good for enhancing base eyeshadow colour.
Dual : 2-in-1 colour that can be used individually or mixed together. Great for beginners as it is colour coordinates. 

The inserts : Tongue (left), Groove (right)
Insert the cube eyeshadow through the tongue and groove to create a DIY eyeshadow palette.

These are the 4 eyeshadows that I received and these shades would be great for my natural everyday makeup look.

BR04 (Matte) - Cookie Brown
RD01 (Glitter) - Cognac Brown
BR01 (Jelly) - Honey Chocolate
BR02 (Dual) - Orange Mocha

Looking at the swatches, I consider this combination of shades as warm tones. The shades are good for natural makeup, it even will look good with the usage of one or 2 shades only. I used 2 colours for a simple mommy look. BR04 for my base eyeshadow, and top it of with BR01for a pearlescent effect.  

Retail Price (incl. GST) : RM48
Weight/Size : 3.5g & 4.0g

The newest lip tints in THE FACE SHOP family are the two Volume Up Tint and Matte Up Tint. Both of these lip tints are highly pigmented with good longevity. It is just a matter of your preference on what type of finishes you want. Volume Up Tint is more towards glossy, vivid colour and moisturized lips, while Matte Up Tint is for those who prefer matte finish and bold colour.

The key ingredients of the Volume Up Tint include Super Moisture Oil Complex (Brazilian Nut, Sweet Almond, Jojoba Seed, Sunflower Seed and Madamia). Therefore the lip tint is high in hydration due to these ingredients. Besides that, the colours are indeed pigmented even with only one swipe. But I do notice that this Volume Up Tint bleeds a little bit around my lips, so I would suggest to use a lip liner to avoid that from happening. 

The Matte Up Tint is suitable for those who love non-glossy finish. This is perfect for those who love matte lips, the quick drying type of lip products. The key ingredients are the same as the Volume Up Tint, however it does feel lighter and airy on the lips. It is also great for layering as it does not leave any dry patches or flakiness even after several times of layering. 

The one surprise that you will get when you purchase these lip tint is the cute messages you can find on the applicator! How cute are these? This would be a perfect gift for your girlfriends! :)

I love the Matte Up Tint type because I personally love matte finish and this shade is right up my alley. So stunnning! :)

I combined both of the shades to create ombre lips.

Retail Price (incl. GST) : RM39.11
Weight/Size : 5g

This cutesy Lovely Me Pastel Cushion Blusher is simply perfect for a natural makeup look. I would say that the colour payoff is minimal. I think personally it serves as a blusher and a highlighter in one. There is an apparent glow when applied on the cheeks, and the coral hue blush adds that natural flush. You can definitely layer it up but since this is a pastel cushion blusher, a light dab is fine for me. 

My natural mommy-makeup using all the new makeup products from THE FACE SHOP

Retail Price (incl. GST) : RM70
Weight/Size  : 500ml

The last product we are going to touch today is Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water. The Rice Water Bright range has been a part of THE FACE SHOP skincare family for years and this new addition is created for those with sensitive skin and those who wants a safe product. This brightening mild cleansing water uses only 11 listed ingredients that are EWG level 1 or lower for sensitive skin.  The main ingredient Organic Yeoju Rice Extract is a high quality product which is cultivated in a clean and natural environment. This cleansing water removes base makeup and is ideal for those who wants to skip the double cleansing step as this cleansing water does not leave  any stickiness after makeup removal. 

Simply pour out the cleansing water on cotton pads and wipe across the face to remove makeup.  For eyes and lips, you can soak the cotton pads with the cleansing water and put it on the eyes or lips, hold for a little while and remove. 

This is the result of a natural makeup that I did and it took 3 cotton pads to completely remove all the makeup. I do experienced a little sting-feeling on my eyes when removing my eye makeup, I think I must have soaked the cotton pad with too much of the cleansing water, so please be wary about that. But as an overall, I do really like it because it gives the refreshing feeling after removing makeup and it saves me some time if I don't want to do the double cleansing. This cleansing water comes in 3 sizes ; 110ml, 320ml and 500ml and it is now available in stores!

All of these products are now available via online and in stores, do check them out okay?

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