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I believe December is the busiest time for parents because school is opening up soon and it is the perfect time to prepare children for school! There is a lot to prepare for them, school books, stationeries, uniforms and of course school shoes. Even though my children are not yet in school but I can always imagine myself busy prepping up for them one day. I think picking up a good and comfortable shoes is really important because they will be wearing them at least 6 hours a day! They should be able to walk and run comfortably in it and at the same time it should have some sort of protection against bacteria from sweats.

Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, Bata Back To School Social Media Influencer

Introducing Bata's all new antibacterial range which features two newly designed black school shoes that uses a special Life Natural material. What's so special about this Life Natural material? It helps in eliminating 99% of odour causing bacteria to ensure freshness all day long by fighting bacteria through the power of plants and at the same time controlling perspiration. Smelly feet typically happened to everyone, especially the shoes is worn long hours. Moisture from the sweats will soak into the lining of the shoes which makes it the perfect spot for bacteria growth. This is where Bata's Antibacterial School Shoes come in and help solve this problem! These shoes have been laboratory tested for maximum protection and performance so rest assured the shoes not only will look good, but also provide comfort and protection.

My nieces and I went to Bata in Ampang Point and they picked out a pair of black shoes each. I think the shoes designs are up to date and they are comfortable too. I tried the shoes and they are comfortable! The inside sole is soft and the bottom of the shoes has a nice grip to ensure safety especially while running. 

Currently Bata is having a promotion in conjunction of Back To School season, and I know parents would love this deals because now we can save money! :D 

Smart Combo Deal
Buy 2 pairs of black school shoes at RM79 

Get a North Star backpack at RM49 or 2 twin-pack socks at RM29 with purchase of any 2 black school shoes

These deals are on-going at the moment and it is valid until January 5th 2020, so do make way to Bata stores near you!

My niece, Madiha with Bata black shoes and complete school uniform

For more information on the Bata Antibacterial School Shoes range, please visit :
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