My Norwex Journey Pt. 1 : Once You Norwex, You Never Go Back

I've been NORWEXed! If you have been following my instagram, you might know that I am venturing into something new. It is something that I would never expect I'd be doing. Yes people, I am now a Norwex Consultant. :) Sebenarnya I found about Norwex during our first wave of MCO (around April 2020)  I nampak people sharing about it on Instagram but I didn't really pay attention to it. And the more I see people sharing about it, heyyy I thought to myself. Yes I want to try this!

Here's some information about Norwex if you are not familiar with this awesome brand. What made me fall in love with this is brand is because of their mission to create 'Safe Havens' for everyone ; which means they aim to reduce the usage of chemicals in our household and replace single-use plastic and paper towels. I personally love the cloths because they are super absorbent and makes cleaning so much easier.  Norwex Microfibre has the ability to remove 99% of bacteria from surfaces using only water and their innovative plant-based and enzyme-based products work to handle tough jobs (with proper care and by following instructions) .

Yes you heard it right, you only need to wet your cloth to clean your entire household! Well of course with tough stains, you need something else too but I will share about that some other time ;) Here's the breakdown of Norwex Microfibre Advantage :

Extra absorbent and ultra-durable
Norwex Microfibre is a superior blend of extra-fine, super-dense, nylon fibers at just 1/200th the thickness off a human hair.

Removes up to 99% of bacteria 
Removing bacteria from a surface by using water only

Self-purifies within 24 hours
BacLock antibacterial agent (micro silver) which is embedded in the cloth will self-cleanses it when wet. This will help in reducing mold, fungi and bacterial odour so you can keep on using the cloth again and again.

Saves time and money
Cut your cleaning time in half and save up money on cleaning supplies!

You can use Norwex Microfibre dry to dust or wet to clean.

Norwex has variety of other products too, I will definitely share it with you guys in my future posts ok, this post is just and introduction. :)

Sejujurnya I memang nak beli to try, bukan nak jual. And I was thinking, the Upgraded Starter Kit offers banyak jugak Norwex Cloth and I rasa this is suitable for someone yang nak try semua. And also, nak spend RM300++ might as well I jadi consultant, coz who knows I like it and I want to share to goodness with others while making extra income too. 

I am thankful for my leader Michelle, who actually approached me first. But that time I was so busy I even forgotten to reply her message haha. Yes, but then I don't know why I still decided to be a consultant under her. Seriously I don't know which team she's in, what kind of person she is, I just took the risk. Honestly I tak kenal  Michelle personally, but I am glad I gotten to know her because she is a great leader. I tanya dia macam-macam and she patiently jawab everything. *hahaha* so sorry Michelle for bothering you all day everyday. :P And she encourages me that I can do it, and always so sweet! I can tell her my struggles and we will talk and discuss about it. Good support system is a must in this business. And I do hope that I can be a great mentor to my business partners too (that could be YOU!)

If you are scared to start the business, don't be. If I can do it, for surely you can. I always have doubt about myself, I don't even think that I can make it to Team Achiever (seriously), but hey, once you put your mind to it, you can do anything. I actually signed up end of August, I took my time experimenting and using the cloths for a month and I fell in love with them, I love how Norwex makes my life easier. I just can't tell you enough how it changes my life as a mother, as someone who takes care of the household. 

This is a breakdown how I feel about Norwex products :

It saves time in cleaning
I honestly hate cleaning, meaning I hate mopping, I hate cleaning glasses doors, mirror, dusting, you name it. Why? Because it takes a lot of time, so leceh, especially cleaning glass doors. Who has time for that? I have mirrored kitchen cabinet, and guess when was the last time I clean it? Yearsssss ago! I'm so embarrassed to say this but it is the truth! I used my Norwex Window Cloth, and it took me only 10 minutes to get my mirrored cabinet squeaky clean! Seriously!! Water spillage by your kids? No problem! Just use Enviro Cloth you can wipe it off in just seconds.

Reducing the usage of kitchen/paper towel
Oh yes I go through kitchen towel like water, I kid you not. I'm so glad Norwex Counter Cloth has replaced my love for kitchen towel because I want to help in saving the environment. Hey, a little effort goes a long way. I use my Norwex Counter Cloth the same way I would use kitchen towel and my favourite way is definitely for oil absorption after cooking. 

Cleaner Cloths
Because of the BacLock technology, the cloth self-purifies which make it cleaner as it reduces mold and bacterial growth.  

Multi-purpose Cloth
Yes, Norwex cloths are designed for specific purpose but, you can always use it anyway you see fit. Trial and error, is what I mean. You'll be surprised!

Save money
Yes, even though Norwex products on a higher side, but remember you'll be saving more because you won't have to be purchasing other cleaning supplies. And FYI, all Norwex Microfibre products carry a two-year warranty. You can check this out at for complete details.

After testing out Norwex Microfibre cloths for about a month, then I decided to go for it, because I know the products work! I became a user first, and I believe it can change our lifestyle for the better. I started sharing about Norwex on 10th of October, then I got my 1st customer on 12th October. Then on 28th October 2020, I ranked up to Team Achiever. And now I'm aiming higher and I want you to take the risk too! If you are looking for a side income, to boost your family's financial and to take up a challenge, reach out to me if this is something that you want to do. Bukan senang nak senang, kena kerja kuat and tak boleh malas. This is true kan? You want to get something, you have to work for it, right?

If you want to be my business partner, whatsapp me at 0123586294  or click :

For starting the business, you can choose between a Basic Starter Kit or Upgraded Starter Kit.

I can explain more, so do whatsapp me if you are interested to find out more. But personally getting the Upgraded Starter Kit is better because since you want to sell them, might as well get the starter kit that has more products because you do need to try them out so you can share your experience. But it's your choice of course, it depends on your budget.

What are the perks of being a consultant?
- Get free gifts when you host a  party (when you close sale on a specific amount)
- Fresh Start program - earn gifts when you achieve certain criteria on specified dates
- Commision/bonus - we can discuss further :)
- Flexible - working hour is flexible, which is good for SAHM, and also now we have to work from home, so this could be your side income too
- Help to create awareness for a safer household (reducing chemicals usage
- You get discounts for personal orders

If you want to be my business partner, whatsapp me at 0123586294 (Sabby) or click :

You want to try Norwex products? Yes, come and contact me, I can curate a bundle for you. But if you are not sure,  here are some of bundle packages that you can try out, as these are some that I always suggest to my customers :) Follow me at sabbyprue.nrwx for demos and review :)

Want to try Norwex ? Whatsapp me at 0123586294 (Sabby) or click :
Follow me at sabbyprue.nrwx for demos and review :)

That's all my sharing for today, and yes I will share more with you in the coming posts, so please keep on reading my blog ya? I know I haven't been posting much, you have no idea how much I wanted to blog everything on what's happening since I restart my online bakery Little Bakerina , but hey, here's to more blogposts okay? I am juggling so many things at the same time, it's hard, but I know I can do it. So do reach out if you want to make a difference in your life. :) Take care xx

Thanks for reading!



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