kawan lama :)

how do u feel bile jumpe kawan2 yg dah lama x jumpa? mesti seronok, kan? rasa mcm x sabar & rasa nk lompat2 (eh btul ke? :P) hehe tp yg penting mmg excited. Yela, sbb dah lama tak jumpe, and dah lama sgt x gossip2. :D

December 1st ari tu, I had a dinner date with my darling Bai. She's living in KK,Sabah, and she was in town for about 10 days. She will be in KL every year end, so it's a great opportunity for me to see her and catch up. :)

So we decided to meet up at Pavilion. Oh my, I havent seen this girl for about a year. The moment I saw her, I hugged her so tightly!! rindu! :) Back then in UiTM Melaka, she was my classmate and also, we were staying in the same block, Blok Gemilang (blok terbaik kot! :D). I selalu lepak2 in her room, and also she was my kawan when going to classes, and also my kawan when balik from classes, and singgah cafe lame (for the yummmeehhh coconut or neslo shake) + singgah koop for the nasi lemak ikan masin. uuhhh sedappp kot! :)

Me & Bai at Pre-Graduation Nite in 2005
ahahah 5 yrs agoooooo! :P
i looked like a makcik ok...ehehheeh :P

this is my sweetie pie in 2010. Kawaiiiii!! comel sgt! :)

We had dinner at TGIF (well actually it wasnt really a dinner pun, both of us werent that hungry so we just ordered appetizers and drinks)

Orange Blast sumthing.
this is super sour. uhu

This is so sedappppppp. good for snacking for 2 person. :D

I love u sayang! I will visit u in KK next year ya... i promise! :)

On December 8th, i met up with my another kawan lama, Syaz. :) I fetched her at LRT Pandan Jaya then we went to JJ Maluri for Nando's. Yummehhhh!! (Everybody shud know that this is my top 5 fav food tau! :D). 

Havent seen her in about half a year kot, dari dia tgh preggie, now baby Haziq dh 3 bulan pun... best catching up with u darl. Byk betul cerita, gosh I didnt know how much I've missed all ur stories. do let me know if u need someone to talk to ya? *hugs* :)

Mummy Syaz ;)

This one is new at Nando's. Tak ingat nama but complete set with bread with garlic+butter spread, half chicken, peri wedges, chicken strips, salad and drinks for 2. ade jugak set utk 4 pax and 6 pax. Go and check it out! ;)

Chocolate Mud Pie
Seriously, this is one of my fav choc mud pie. the other one is at Tony Roma's. BLISS!

oh ni gamba yg dicaptured oleh mamarazzi yg bernama Syaz. hehe :P

To all my readers, appreciate all your friends. Sometimes in life, kita xtau kita akan kawan ngn sape sampai tua nanti. And sometimes org yg kita x expect kite akan rapat, bole jadi rapat rupenye. Isn't it wonderful? :) So be nice to everyone, you'll never know what awaits u. :)

Sabby Prue



  1. Always appreciated people around me, xcept people who rude & pushy. Memang pangkah! Rasa macam nak smack down jer... (dalam hati kehkehkeh)

    kak yanie

  2. ahahaha smack down je kak yanie... biar kene sebijik. :D



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