Pangkor Island, Perak 2011

hello hello. :)

Finally, the photos are in my hands. hehe Just read through ya, I'm just gonna go straight to the story.

CAUTION : Too much of self-obsessed photos, so BEWARE! hahaha :P

p/s : gamba lompat2 pun byk. miahahaha :P

when : 25th - 27th February 2011
where : Coral Bay Resort, Pulau Pangkor
what : cuti - cuti release stress
who : Sha, Cintia & Bna
$$ : RM215 per pax for triple sharing 


So the journey started around 730am on the 25th Feb(Friday). Sha volunteered (hehe) to drive, Cintia and I duduk goyang kaki aja.hihi We were already on the hiway around 830am. Stopped over at Sg. Buloh Jejantas Restaurant for breakfast, and reached Bidor exit at 11++. We reached Lumut Jetty at 12.30++ coz we kinda lost our way from Bidor to the Jetty. hehe :P

Before getting on the ferry, we had lunch first coz udah kebulur. :P Then headed straight to the ticket counter to buy the ferry ticket. We bought the ferry tickets for RM10 per pax (return). There's a list of the arrival/departure time for the ferries, but bare in mind, they will wait for the ferry is full, then baru gerak.huhu we waited for almost an hour in the ferry. huhu T___T. 

We reached the hotel around 330pm. Oh btw, we stayed at Coral Bay Resort. The hotel is ok, not bad. They charge by per per person, not per room. Since it's only the 3 of us, we have to pay RM215 per pax. It is inclusive of 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, and 2 dinner.  Lunch and dinner is super yummy bcoz the seafood and fruits are super fresh + masakan dia mmg tip top. makan sampai pinggan licin ok! :)

Nway, we checked in the hotel first, rehat for about 1-2 hours. around 530pm we headed to the beach near our hotel. Pantai kat sini sunyi sikit, xde org sgt. If u guys nk dtg sini, better cari chalets/rooms at Teluk Nipah, roughly 10mins from Coral Bay. The beach lagi best! ;)

Just check out the photos ya! ;)

Malam tu kitorg just dinner, and jalan kat luar sekejap. Nothing much to see, lagipun kitorg mcm penat, so blk hotel tdo..Zzzzzz tapi sempat amek gamba jugak. hihihi

On Saturday pulak, after lunch, kitorg mule2 ingat nk rent bicycle nk pusing2 town (konon je!). Tapi x jadi sbb town jauh jugakla, bole pengsan kalau nk cycle.muahahahah :P so kitorg naik van (yg warna pink) utk pusing2 the whole pulau. Ala-ala mcm tourist guide la. Satu van RM60.00. Tak sure if die charge per head or ikut van.  Pakcik tu bawakla kitorg pusing satu pulau. not bad. :) tapi kalau korg nk sewa motor pun ade jugak. hehe tapi please b careful ya, coz mase on the way balik, ade budak jatu motor dpn mata je.huhu ngeri. nasib budak tu xde pape. huuuu

Btw, just nk inform, the food cafes/restaurants yg area Teluk Nipah tu quite expensive. And paling terkejut, ade satu kedai ni ade 2 menu. satu utk org2 malaysia, and lagi satu utk tourists. Mmg kene mcm tu ke? huhu

Tgk je la gamba ye...malas pulak nk type..hoho

Dutch Fort

Temple (erk, terlupe nama, nanti update. :P)

Teluk Nipah beach area

Third day (Sunday), kitorg gerak balik.

Masa sampai Jeti Lumut, I bought some souvenirs for my family, and I spent around RM100++. And parking bertingkat kat Jeti Lumut tu RM19.60 for 3 days. If total up semua, I spent around RM400-450 for everything. ok kan? :)

I had so much fun with Sha and Cintia. I love u gurls! xoxo :) I really need a holiday and this trip is just what I need. :) So where is our next destination? ;)

Okla. penat to the max upload gambaaa!! hope u guys enjoy the pixies.hihi

Till then~ ;)



  1. 'So the journey started around 730am on the 25th March (Friday)'....???errmmmmmmm...bulan march kita bukan baru start ker...???? 25th March atau 25th Feb..???=)

  2. hahaha thanx yha! tersalah date pulak, tu la, excited bebenor.hihih :P

  3. mmg best!! cuti-cuti malaysia jom! :)



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