I attended one of my angels wedding reception at Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort last Saturday. Congrats Yanie & Ed! Good luck in your new journey and may Allah bless the two of you forever! :)

sorry gamba blur. i yg nervous. ahaha :P

suke the pelamin + the lighting! :)

the wedding favors, and yes, that's my favourite number. :)

Nway, being me, I don't have much baju kurungs/kebayas. The only time I buy/custom-made baju kurungs/kebayas is during hari raya. yeah, that means once a year. hohoho These past 2 years, I noticed that I started buying or sending my fabrics to my tailor when I have to attend weddings. It's the only excuse why I need to buy them. hehe

So this time around, for Yanie's wedding, she said the theme is purple. so I've decided to buy a purple top because earlier I bought a grey pleated maxi skirt from OBB. Luckily, I emailed Jezmine and asked if she has any purple top that can be worn to a wedding. and yes, she does!! :) It's a purple pleated top which is quite huge for me, but i know it will look good. ahahah *perasan* :P so I asked Jezmine to reserve it for me, and I will pick it up at her store in Shah Alam.

 long-sleeve inner
flower shawl & grey inner from wangsa walk
clutch from Charmain (thanx kak ngah :P)
purple + silver stoned-bangle from Diva 
4.5inch grey pumps from Vincci

What do u think? :) I love it because it's different from any other top that I own. I love the effect at the bottom of the purple top. And I love the combination of colours, purple and grey. I mix the top + inner + shawl + clutch with different shades of purple. Everything looks synchronized. hehe :P

Lately I've been experimenting with fashion. It's kinda my hobby now. hehe I am more open to try new things, and I might be posting updates on fashion more than the usual. But this is just for fun, something for myself, my own satisfaction. I think fashion is a great way to express yourself, what do you think? :)

Sabby Prue 



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