Review : Biore Cleansing Oil

Finding the right makeup remover that fits my needs is just so hard. I have been using Simple and Maybelline, but both of them always left me with some stain after I've done washing my face, stains from my eyeliner or mascara that is. And I've used Simple's makeup wipes but that is just something that I won't repurchase because my skin felt so tight after using it and the wipes irritates my skin that led to redness. I find it funny because Simple is supposed to be very mild and I have been using Simple's product for so longgggg. Maybe the ingredients in the wipes are a bit harsh for my skin, maybe?

Anyway, I would like to post a review on Biore Cleansing Oil which I have been using for these few months. I am totally in love with it! Seriously, it definitely fits all my criteria that I want in a makeup remover. So please scroll down to find out more. :)

The packaging 

Back of the packaging. Details on how to use it, the benefits, ingredient, etc.

Waterproof eyeliner by Etude house

This is after rubbing the oil on the waterproof eyeliner

Rubbing the stain with water using a tissue. 

Squeaky clean.

RM Damage : Around RM20.00 - RM25.00 (I don't remember but it is roughly there. But I'm pretty sure it's below RM30.00)

I bought this at : Watson, Jusco Maluri.

Why I like it :
1) It can be used on the entire face. Some makeup remover are only for eyes. I need a product that can be used on my entire face as I am lazy to use 2 products for removing my makeup.

2) It totally removes everything on your face, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I have been reading blogs saying that it doesn't really removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but it does wonder for me. Maybe it depends on the brand of cosmetics that you used? But i dont know. It works well for me as there is no unwanted residue afterwards.

3) Love the fresh scent. So florally fresh! (is that even a word? Ahaha)

4) This is an oil based formula so at first I thought my skin will be oily after using it but to my surprise, after washing my face with water, my skin feel so soft and it is not oily at all.

5) The packaging comes with a cap that covers the nozzle so the product is guaranteed to be clean and dust free at all time and also no spillage or whatsoever if you pack it in your toiletries bag.

Why I don't like it :
1) If you rub too much product on your eyes, you will get this horrible sting in your eyes so please be careful.

Repurchase? : Definitely

I hope these info are useful for you readers out there. Have a nice day! :)



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