It's raining...

Dah lama rasanya tak tulis luahan perasaan kat blog. Cecewah :P reasons? Well obviously sbb tak rasa nak share apa2.

Lately life has been great, definitely ada ups and downs but I'm grateful. Selalu fikir, setiap yg berlaku, mesti ada sebab. And this is because Allah dah plan untuk kita sebaik mungkin. :)

Ok post ni sgt random sebenarnya, ada a few things yg I want to express/discuss or whatever u want to call it, so here goes.....

Semua org berbeza kan? Semua ada interest masing2 kan? Apa yang kita minat tak semestinya orang lain minat. Jadi apa yg penting is to respect minat orang lain and don't push people around just because you want them to like the things you love. Be professional and be kind, please?

Kadang-kadang kita tak sedar perbuatan atau percakapan kita bole membuatkan org tak selesa. Sometimes when we are too excited about something, we tend to forget the people around us, how they feel and so on. I strongly believe that everyone needs to take a pause and think for a while before saying anything. Betul, sometimes we human akan terlepas ckp, regret things we said, and it's ok to make mistakes, we all know that. Tapi kalau bole jadi extra considerate about others, bukan ke lebih baik?

Do you judge people when you meet them for the first time? I used to do that, all the time. But now I have been practicing to not to do that because it is so unfair. Just because they look certain way, we automatically believe they should behave or they ARE like what we imagined in our heads. It's hard to NOT make assumption on the people you just met. But if you take a little more time to get to know the person, then you can decide what type of person he/she is. Tak kenal maka tak cinta, kan?

Okay cukupla 3, nanti sambung lagi.. ;)

Nway 2012 is ending! Ohhh cepatnya masa berlalu. I think I wanna do a 2012 beauty/clothes/random favourites, that would be fun, wouldn't it? :)

So what's your 2012 favourites?

Sabby Prue



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