Althea Turns 1 Pink Birthday Party!

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Althea got to be my favourite online store for Korean beauty stuff.I always discover new products to try out from Althea and to be honest I am grateful to came across this amazing online store. Last month I did a blogpost on the #AltheaTurns1 contest and this blogpost is about the party to celebrate Althea's 1st birthday! Does this mean Althea is the same age as Marissa? :D Okay so I don't want to talk so much in this post, let the photos do the talking, enjoy! :)

Cutesy arrangement for the dessert table. There was also a Bingsu bar where we can choose the flavour and customize the toppings.  catually did not take any photos on that because I was too busy kepoh-ing with  my blogger friends. *hahaha*

Althea's CEO Frank Kang cutting the beautiful birthday cake!

As usual, photo booth is a must for every party! Glitz & Glam Studio Booth really amazed me with their work as the giant Althea Pink box is soooooo adorable! Can you imagine yourself standing in a box and take photos? Eeee so cute, I can't! 

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I met Alyia Bubbles for the first time! :D

There was a Best Dress contest where Althea chose 3 winners, congrats girls! :) And we were given RM150 credits in our Althea account and we gotta shop in 30 minutes. I kid you not that it was so stressful because I couldn't get into my account. T___T 20 minutes after that I finally got in because I had to change my password 2 times.... T___T But nevertheless, we actually were told that we can shop until midnight. OMG! T______T

Before we wrapped up everything, we had luck draw session and we each need to grab any of the balloons and popped them up! LOL everyone was so excited! :D

Thank you It's My, WondeRuci and Aromatica for the goodies! :)

Cool-toned grey eyes with pink lips

Congrats again Althea  I wish more success to the company and hope we can forever collaborate, love youuuu! :) Oh by the way, I have an exciting box from Althea to unbox soon, stay tuned! :)

For more information on Althea, please visit :
Instagram : @altheakorea

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