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Asslamualaikum and hello.

I am currently sick right now, the flu, sore throats, coughing and feeling feverish. I don't even remember when was the last time I got sick. But to go way back to the 'maybe' reason why I got sick is could be from the fact that I have been taking care of my poor sick baby since the beginning of August. Just a little information, Marissa has only got a fever once before our trip to Langkawi, and that was it. She recovered within one night.  There were about 2 occasions where she got flu and cough but they went away in a couple of days.

Okay so here's a little back story of how she got sick. On the 31st of July, we went to celebrate my friend's son's birthday party at JKids in Tropicana City Mall. Everything was great, all the kids are having fun and enjoyed themselves. Came the next day, I noticed Marissa's poop (yes we are talking about poop in my blog now. *haha*) was slightly different, as in they are a bit runnier than usual. But I thought to myself it could be because of her meal. Her poop is always runnier when I feed her fruits such as apple or pear. So it continued for 2 days. Then I switched to rice porridge in hoping that her poop will become normal or even harder because rice porridge will always do that. But surprisingly, after 2 days, her poops was still runnier and the next day her poops got watery. We were really worried but at the same Marissa was still lively and still cheerful, she did not look sick at all. Seriously, this is one tough baby.

Then we went to the children's clinic in Desa Melawati and the doctor diagnozed that she indeed got diarrhoea and the cause could be the bacteria she got from the indoor kids gym. To think of it, she was touching everything and putting her hands into her mouth so that's a good enough reason for her to get the bacterial infection. At this point, she didn't have any fever or flu, cough whatsover, it is simply diarrhoea. The doctor prescribed her Novalac (Anti Diarrhoea Formula), Smecta and some ointment and anti-fungal infection cream for her blistered cutesy bum (poor baby). Okay so I am not worried about the diarrhoea because it got better in about a week but then.... all of a sudden her body temperature rised up. T_T I highly suspected that he got it from the clinic's visit because the clinic was full with sick babies and children that day. T_T

Fair enough, last week, a day after my birthday, we had to go the emergency at 2a.m as her temperature went up until 37.2 degrees. We actually even packed our clothes and her clothes in case she needs to be admitted into the ward (such a newbie parent). We went to PCMC and doctor said she got viral fever. OMG. T_T Doctor prescribed her Paracetamol (liquid) and something else (we don't even use that).  Her fever did not go down, her temperature went up to 38.4 degrees. T_T Being a new parent, who never had the experience taking care of a sick baby, we strongly believe that 38.4 degrees is way too high and we were afraid that she will get fits (sawan). So we were thinking in our mind she might get warded so again, we brought our luggage IN CASE she needs to get warded. The doctor said that even if she gets warded, there is no point of taking her blood sample because it is only the second day. Third day is the right timing to get better result. So he  prescribed her Brufen (since the Paracetamol did not work) and Paracetamol fever tablets to be inserted through her buttock.

We tried Brufen once and it was too strong for her. So we used back Paracetamol (liquid) and the Paracetamol fever tablets  (2 times) and Alhamdulilah after about 5 days of On and OFF fever, her fever finally subsided. Alhamdulillah. By this time, her diarrhoea is gone. Trust me when I say, I would never want my baby to be taking medicines at the early age, but looking at her, so helpless, crying and so fragile, I would do just about anything to make her feel better. T_T And the fact that she doesn't want to drink her milk is tearing me apart. T_T Her dry cough, OMG... I could cry just hearing her coughed. T_T Now she's better, just the flu (hingus meleleh-leleh macam cendol. *hahaha*) Other than that, she is perfectly fine, Alhamdulillah. :)

So here's a few home remedies and tips that you can try to make your baby more comfortable at home when he or she is having flu, coughing and sore throat. You might not agree to any of these home remedies but so far these home remedies worked! And I got these tips from my mom and sisters. I have 8 nephews and nieces btw. :D  FYI, Marissa is 10 months-old. :)

1) To lower down body temperature, mix tamarind paste with water. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes then apply it all over you baby's body. But I put it only on her head for every one hour. Tamarind juice instantly lowers down her body temperature, amazing!

2) During the day I let Marissa slept in her diapers only. Just to lower down her body temperature. You can also cover you baby's body with wet towel.

3) Sleep with fan instead of air-conditioner.

4) I gave Marissa lemon bath to help her flu to go away as lemon is good to reduce phlegm and cold.

5) Avoid dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) when your baby is having diarrhoea.

As for parents, you will most definitely won't be getting enough sleep but try to take good rest whenever you can so you have the energy to take care of your little one. Including Vitamin C in your diet could be a good idea during this time. And don't forget to eat!

You can say that August started of with a down side even though it's my birthday month. Marissa was sick and I am currently sick. I don't even care about anything else as long as my family is healthy. :) But of course, I would like to say thanks to everyone who celebrated my birthday and also all the presents. I feel so much love. :') Especially to my husband, thank you bubu. :')

♥ Babes 

I hope you are not bored reading about my experience as a new mom. I just need to write it down as a part of my motherhood memories. :)

**Disclaimer : I am not a professional nor a specialist, I am just sharing about what I love and dislikes, what Marissa's enjoys and what I experienced as a first time mom. Our opinions might not be on the same level, but remember being a parent means putting our child first. Every body has their own way of parenting so please keep the positive vibes coming in, I really appreciate that. :) And to new mommies-to-be, maybe you can read my experience as your guidance or additional knowledge. :)

Thanks for reading!

Till then,



  1. Get well soon babe!

    btw, ur tips tu memang mak mak dulu amalkan and kita pun kena terus buat, janji anak sehat. (^_^)

  2. i membaca secara details marissa's condition tu the best part is bout her poops hahahhaa learn something now! haha useful for my future indeed hahahha slh mood tergelak plak haha babe tc ok hope u r doing well now :) btw hehe love seeing my face mencapub capub di situ! hahaha lap u beybeh!!



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