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Assalamulaikum and hello my love!

Today is quite a special post because I believe I never put up a 'crafty' post on my blog. Safe to say that your homegirl is not crafty but, I swear if you step into Lace, Beads, Rhinestones and Such (LBRS) store, you will automatically have so many ideas popping in your head! LBRS is a one stop centre to get your craft essentials such as beads, lace, rhinestones, fabrics, patches and so much more. I mean especially if you love to jazz up your outfit with rhinestones, girl, you just stepped on a gold mine because the choices is endless here!

Last Saturday, my blogger babes (Suzai, Diya and Illy) and myself attended the launch of the grand opening of LBRS in Desa Sri Hartamas. If you know where Starbucks is, dah dekat la tu. It is located at level 3 but don't worry, there's an elevator so you wont be panting with sweats walking up the stairs but hey if you need the exercise, feel free to use the stairs. :D I love how spacious the store is and the natural lighting is tip top. All the items are displayed nicely as it makes it easier for customers to browse around and find the specific items they are looking for. During the launch, LBRS gave 50% off on ALL items in the store from 2-6pm, yes, crazy sale! I bought a few stuff, will show you later at the end of the blog post. But don't worry, if you still come today, they still have 30% discounts going on. 

The selection of rhinestones is endless! Even I'm not a craft addict pun I went crazy looking at them. It's not just about the choices available but the price is way cheaper than some stores that I usually go to. The best part about this store is the kind and friendly staff. If you are not sure how to  uses these rhinestones or any other items, just ask them and they will show you the right techniques to do it. Below is the price list of the available rhinestones in LBRS :

See how honest they are displaying the price like this? Kalau kedai lain, I bet semua terus pack siap-siap. By putting up the price list, it makes it easier for the customers to calculate, survey and budget kan

Tools such as glitter applicator is also available in the store!

See? Macam- macam ada! From charms that you can sew at the end of your shawls, to lace piping, tassels, so much to the extend I don't even know some of the names of the items. *hehehe* So geram looking at all this, ish ish ish. As long as you have the willingness to be creative, I believe you will have great ideas flowing out of your mind. :P

The patches designs yang available is indeed endless too. If you love adding patchworks on your denim or clothes, you should really come here because the pricing is so affordable and the fact that they pack 2 pieces in a packet, makes it all worth it. I bought so many patches for my sister and everything cost me RM31 only!! Crazy affordable!

For my sister

If you want to look for sequins fabrics, do also check out this space as the pricing is amazingly affordable. I remember buying a 2 metres of sequin fabrics for my video backdrop and it costs me RM130++ if I'm not mistaken. Feel so cheated because there are places way cheaper than that. Huh. Anyway I will definitely come back to stock up on my sequin backdrop here. 

Beautiful beaded lace

The selection of fabrics such as organza, pleats, ruffles and laces pun banyak. I bought a pink ruffled-fabric for Marissa's second birthday coming up. I know it will look good! And I think I'm going to recycle it for my video backdrop as well. *hahaha*

Such a bargain!!

If you crafts is your jam, darling, do come over to LBRS and check them out yourself. You won't regret it! The best part is you can browse comfortably and do ask the staff if you need any help. Kedai ni memang best, Sabby Prue approved! *hehehe* :)

For further information on LBRS, please visit their store and social media platforms below :
Address : 42-3, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Whatsapp : 012-384 7435
Instagram : @lbrsmy

** Thumbnail photo credit to Diya

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  1. detail sgt babe! OMG xpasan u borong patches tu HAHHAA tp i pon geram cuma xtau nk buh mana HAHAHA tqsm!!

    1. hehe tq babe! aah byk babe, kakak i yg borong! hahaha

  2. smpai skrg teringat dekat kain bulu2 tu ahahahaha adoi y tak beli ari tu..haish

    1. tulaaaaa... awat x beli! hahah xpela diya, u borong byk dah. hahah

  3. thanks so much for the writeup korangggg!

    1. you are most welcomed! and thanks for having us :)

  4. best tempat ni, i lepas balik tu memang cam menyesal tak beli banyak hahaha.. nanti kita plan lah another trip jom :) pastu boleh sambung starbuck haha <3



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