Where To Stay and What To Do In Melaka

Melaka is definitely one of my favourite states in Malaysia because it holds so many memories during my university years. If you didn't know, I actually studied in UiTM Lendu, Alor gajah, Melaka for my diploma for 3 years. It was indeed one of the best experiences in my life. I learnt so much about food, cultures, history and so much more because I've met a lot of wonderful friends through out my years there. And of course, Melaka being the historical state of Malaysia, it is a definite must visit for all tourists who visits Malaysia. You can literally see the culture embedded on every wall of every building. They really preserve the whole historical heritage to the core. I don’t know where else have that made in a large scale, so, for those who are planning to do a trip to Melaka, I hope this entry can help you to sort out your schedule if you are planning to visit Melaka. 

But of course, the first thing you need to do is to book a hotel for your stay and the best option is to check out Traveloka, one of the best online travel portal with great deals and promotion. You can check out list of hotels in Melaka, such as Hatten Hotel Melaka online deals for instance. I've never stayed in Hatten Hotel before but they look pretty nice and affordable price range too!

Now let's take a look at some of the must visit place in Melaka!


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If you love history, this is a must visit to discover about how trades were made during those times. Prepare to be amazed at the exact replica of the Flor De Mar ship that was used for trading purpose way back when the Sultans rule the land. With the dimension of 34 metres high, 36 metres long and 8 metres wide, this ship sits on Quayside Road, very near another iconic landmark we will cover later on, the Stadthuys Building. The ship gives you the ultimate throwback as to how back in the day, trades were something so much different as for how it is today. So, to me, it’s definitely a cool place to check out. A blast from the past is always a cool thing. 


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This photo was taken by me way back in 2010.
I remember coming to this tourist attraction every single time when I went down to Melaka. There's a cendol place right in front of the building that my friends and I always go to. *special tips for you*   Stadthuys building has a great architectural design to it that it is timeless. It is very iconic and very unique in Melaka. It is located not far from the Maritime Museum and let me tell you, the setting is crazily beautiful. It is also known as the Red Square because of its blood red exterior and beautiful clock tower at the centre of the area. It was designed by the Dutch and to be known as the oldest remaining Dutch historical building in the Orient. The architectural design is very unique and really gives you a glimpse of when the Dutch comes strolling down.


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If you are an adventurous person who loves nature-based activities, then you MUST slot a day of your stay to experience Gunung Ledang. The place where folklore meets nature meets all sorts of superstition that will make your life much more exciting. You’ve heard of Puteri Gunung Ledang, right? The story of it, then you will be excited to venture into the woods of her domain. Stories have it, there are some pretty strange things going on in there. Feel free to feed your curious mind, but don’t forget to delve into what nature offers there. Beautiful scenery and fresh air. 


This photo is also taken in 2010 during my short getaway with my friends.

A lot of changes has been done to the Melaka Straits River since my first time there (back in 2002). I went on the Melaka River Cruise in 2015 and it was actually quite nice to be able to see the whole picture of Melaka town within less than one hour. You will get to see Melaka City up close and personal, plus, the gorgeous Morten Village that begs you to jump aboard and swim yourself there. You should take the night tour because the lights in Morten Village is crazy. It’s the best scenes for the night because the last time I went was during night time and it was beautiful. You can actually go to my You Tube channel and search for my Melaka vlog with Laneige as I included some snippets of the Melaka River Cruise during night time. 


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Hatten Hotel Melaka is a 4-star hotel that has the perfect location as it is so close to Mahkota Parade, A'Famosa, Illusion 3D Art Museum and so much more. Seriously, staying in a hotel that is near to everything is my dream hotel because everything is within a walking distance. You can checkout Traveloka Malaysia or a great price and also take a look at the hotel's facilities such as the outdoor pool, massage centre and spa packages.


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Or else, if you want to experience the best luxurious stay, you can opt to stay at Hotel Equatorial Melaka. They have amazing room views and it is also in close proximity to Bandar Hilir or known as Dataran Pahlawan, A'Famosa, Mahkota Parade and such. 

These are just some of my suggestion but surely there's a lot more that you can do in Melaka. If you are a foodie,  I would highly suggest to stop by at any asam pedas stalls to try out Asam Pedas Tetel,  ikan bakar in Umbai, Melaka (find the restaurant that has a boat where you can dine on it) and cucur udang in Medan Selera Alor Gajah! They are totally yums! :D

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