THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick Review

Hello lipstick junkies out there! I am super excited to be talking about today's post because we are talking about lip products! Yassssss! I am a lipstick junkie and I just can't seem to shed off this addiction, because let's face it, lipstick is the most fun things to play with, am I right? :D For today's post, I'll be sharing my thought about the latest lipstick range from THE FACE SHOP, which is call the Flat Lipstick which comes in 2 ranges ; Velvet and Glossy Lipstick. 

THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick comes in a retractable pencil-type packaging that is super convenient to use and to travel with due to the small and compact packaging. This lipstick has a "Flat Square" shape which makes application easy because of the flat surface and no lip liner is needed due to the sharp edge that mimics a lip liner. I honestly feel that this is one of the easiest lipstick to apply to and I rarely got the colour bleed outside my lip line. Both of the lipsticks range is lightweight on the lips, moisturizing and provides excellent colour pay off. There are 5 main ingredients in these lipsticks that provides moisturization and trouble relief properties :

Argan Oil - Contains high level of Vitamin E for nourishing and hydrating properties
Rosehip Oil - Contains Pro-Vitamin A, Retinoicacid, essential fatty acids (Omega-6 and 3) for hydration by creating a protective layer.

Jojoba Oil - Treats lips inflamed and dry lips 
Calendula Oil - Contains medicinal benefits to cure lips problems
Olive Oil - Acts as anti-oxidant and antibiotics to reduce and prevent lips problems such as cracked and dry lips.

Flat Velvet Lipstick comes in 6 shades, same as Flat Velvet Glossy Lipstick and oh boy, these colours are so beautiful. I have my favourite shades of course, so let's take a look at the lip swatches and my thoughts on them!


Flat Velvet Lipstick is definitely my favourite between these two range because of the velvety matte finish. It glides smoothly on the lips, it feels lightweight and the colour payoff is simply stunning! Through the Silky Texture System used in the formulation,  'Silicon cross polymer' makes the texture  (oil gel) glide over by filling up the fine lines of the lips for smother and wrinkle-free lips, hence the velvety matte finish! I find all of the 6 shades are highly pigmented except for the BE01 [Solar Beige] as it is a bit patchy on my lips and my skin does not really look goof with beige/peachy undertone. But as for the rest of the shades, I am in love! My favourite from the range has to be Rose Pink, Darjeeling Red and Cassis Red.

Flat Velvet Lipstick Swatches
Flat Velvet Lipstick Swatches
Donning Flat Velvet Lipstick in Darjeeling Red

You can also create the famous Korean gradient lips using the Flat Velvet Lipstick. As seen here on the photo above, I used Solar Beige and London Red (left photo) and Rose Pink and Cassis Red (right photo). I absolutely love this look even though I rarely rock this look, maybe I should do it more often ey? :D


I am personally not a glossy kinda-gal, but this Flat Glossy Lipstick has surely made it into my heart! The finish of this lipstick is a glossy and shiny with great pigmentation. A 'Polymer Network' is built when the lipstick is applied on the lips hence helping the pigments to coat the surface of the lips evenly. I guarantee that this lipstick does not give any stickiness feel and it feels hydrating on the lips.   As for the colour payoff, most of the shades (the deeper shades) are great but Punch Orange, Gemstone Coral and Lily Pink is slightly patchy for me. My lips are quite pigmented and my natural lip colour does peek through if I only use one coat of the lipstick so I had to go over it a few times. The other 3 shades are beautifully pigmented. All the shades are gorgeous but my top picks have to be New York Red and Berry Up Red. Oh ya, if you love fruity-scented lipstick, you would love this! 

Flat Glossy Lipstick Swatches
Flat Glossy Lipstick Swatches
Donning Flat Glossy Lipstick in New York Red

You can check out my lip swatches video on my You Tube channel to watch how easy application is! :D

I would really suggest you guys to try out the Flat Velvet or Glossy Lipstick if you happen to visit THE FACE SHOP stores. Play around and mix and match colours for gradient lips effect! Each of these lipstick is retailed at RM45 (including GST) and is available in stores and via online. :)

For more information on THE FACE SHOP, please visit :


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