WARDAH White Secret Series Review

Behold beauty junkies! For those who are looking for a brightening skincare series, you have come to the right post as I will be sharing my thoughts on Wardah White Secret skincare series. In THIS post, I mentioned that I've taken up the 30 days challenge of using Wardah White Secret  Skincare Series and you can actually see my updates on Instagram as I have been posting my skin condition through out the challenge. The 30 days challenge is over and now I can breakdown all the details regarding this range based on my experience.

Wardah White Secret Series is a skincare range dedicated to those who wants spotless, crystal radiant skin. Believe it or not, this range has gone through 7 years of experiments and research works to ensure efficient result to their consumers. The whole range comprises of Crystal White Active and Advanced White Specific System to give brighter and radiant-looking skin from within. The innovation of Dual Active Hydrating AgentDerma Peptide Technology and Silver Vine extract helps to fully maximize the skin brightening, moisturizing and protecting process for a healthier and glowing skin. The skin is protected by the sunscreen UV A and UV B (Day Cream) to prevent skin pigmentation. While the Dual Action Hydrating Agent and Emollient helps to maintain skin moisture by preventing the loss of natural skin moisture and also by binding water from the environment. As for the brightening process, the Crystal White Active goes deep into the skin epidermis to give crystal radiant skin.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the products listed under the range is quite a long list but in this post, I will be sharing my review on 5 products as these are the products that I used during the 30 days challenge. The products are :

 Wardah White Secret Facial Wash with natural AHA
 Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence
 Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence
 Wardah White Secret Day Cream SPF35
 Wardah White Secret Night Cream

Wardah White Secret Facial Wash

The first step of having a clean and healthy skin is indeed a good cleanser. Wardah White Secret Facial Wash with Natural AHA is a non-soap base cleanser which removes dead skin cells to keep the skin clean. AHA is Alpha Hydroxy Acid which the main purpose is to exfoliate the skin, to remove dead cells on the skin surface. It is also said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even out skin tone. But do take note that those with very sensitive skin, including a product with AHA can cause skin irritation such as itchiness, redness and burning sensation. Alway test out a product on a small area on your neck to check whether your skin can take it or not. For me, I find this cleanser is mild and suitable for my skin, and I love how fresh and clean my skin feels after washing. This facial wash does not leave any tight-feeling after washing and my skin feels softer too. 
*Daily usage : Twice a day

Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence

After cleansing my face, the next step is to use the Pure Treatment Essence to increase the effectiveness of skin brightening. With the Skin Awakening System, it helps to brightens and hydrate the skin while Edelweiss Extract and Vitamin B3 improves skin radiance and reduce the appearance of dark spot. Other ingredient includes Silver Vine extract that can be found in the Advanced White-Specific System that aids in skin brightening and translucency. Pour a few drops on the palms of your hand, rub it against the palm, and gently tap it all over face. This act will help the essence to be penetrated deeply into the skin, leaving it soft and supple. It does make my skin fresher too. This is the latest addition in the White Secret Series, and I believe this is one of the product that you must get in the range! 
*Daily usage : Twice a day

Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence

Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence is a serum that should be used before applying the Night Cream. It is formulated with Crystal-White Active for skin lightening process, Silver Vine extract for skin's translucency  and Hydrating Agent for retaining skin moisture. This serum is rich in brightening active ingredients therefore by using it at night, it allows the goodness of the ingredients to be soaked overnight while getting a good night sleep. The texture of the serum is quite thick, I would normally used 2 or 3 drops only, rub it against my palms and pat it into my skin. This is also a must try product in the range as it helps in reducing pigmentation and dark spots an even out skin tone. I love that the serum does not give any sticky feeling after application and it absorbs quite quickly into the skin.
*Daily usage : Once a day (night time)

Wardah White Secret Day Cream with SPF35

Wardah White Secret Day Cream with SPF35 is a crucial step in skincare routine as it protects the skin from the harmful UV A and UV B rays. Especially if you always skip on using sunscreen, well honey, this step must be put in your priority list. As you know the harsh UV rays can damage your skin and create tons of problems such as skin pigmentation and dark spots, so trust me, no one wants that. Besides protecting the skin,  the Crystal White active helps to boost up the brightening process and maintain the result in a longer time. It is formulated with Advanced White Specific System and Derma-Peptide Technology for the cream to be easily absorbed into the skin. The texture of this day cream is really thick and creamy, therefore only a tiny bit amount is needed for the whole face. I love how my skin feels totally hydrated after application and it does make my skin radiate with glow. Apply the cream all over the face and not forgetting the neck as well. 
*Daily usage : Once a day

Wardah White Secret Night Cream

The last step of skincare routine is applying the Night Cream which is a face brightening cream with Crystal-White Active, Advanced-White Specific System and Derma-Peptide Technolgy. This Night Cream works effectively during night time to moisturize and brighten up the skin while the skin regenerates through out the night. It works beautifully with the Intense Brightening Essence to achieve a radiant, brighter looking skin. The texture of the night cream is not as creamy as the Day Cream, I think you can also treat this cream as a sleeping mask too. 
*Daily usage : Once a day

These photos are the result of using Wardah White Secret Series for 30 days and I am happy with the result as my skin texture has become smoother, brighter and radiant! I do notice that my skin feels a bit more dry, slight itchiness and there's also a slight peeling (on the cheeks area) during the first 10  to 12 days of usage all of the 5 products. After that duration of time, my skin becomes instantly smoother and radiant. My skin has always been dry, but now since I'm pregnant, my skin has become more towards combination skin type. And also, being pregnant, I guess my skin is more sensitive and that could be the reason why my skin reacts the way it was during the early usage period. But nevertheless, I am happy with result as it does what it's supposed to be, brightening up my skin and improve my skin's texture. And also, the best part of it all? Wardah White Secret Series is super affordable as the prices start from RM5.80 until RM50.50, how amazing is that? Now everyone can have brighter, luminous, spotless and crystal radiant skin!

For more information on Wardah, please visit :

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wardahbeauty_my/ (Wardah Beauty Malaysia)
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wardahbeauty/ (Wardah Beauty Official)

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