HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Printer To Rescue Kids From Their Homework!

I know kids nowadays are so advance that their homework requires them to be creative and they need the right tool to complete their works. Even my daughter, Marissa, she is not in school yet but I constantly think about what kind of activities that I could create for her. She is only 2 years and 8 months old, but mommy needs to keep her in check everyday single day. To ensure she has meaningful and fun activities, playing and learning must work hand-in-hand. At the moment, I am more focus on teaching her skills, rather that focusing so much on memorizing stuff, such as the alphabet A to Z (eventhough she can already sing the ABC songs from A to F *hahaha*)

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3775 All-In-One Printer is a sleek and compact printer which makes it suitable to be used by kids (of course younger children needs adult supervision). The moment I laid my eyes on this printer, I know that this would be a great tool for me to print out activities for Marissa because of the awesome features. I love the fact that this printer can be used directly from my smartphone, no need to plug in any cables (but you can still do that if you prefer that way). I am always on my phone, so the ability to print out anything directly from my phone is a plus point. Simply download HP Smart App, and you are good to go!  Don't let the size fool you, because this printer can print, scan and copy too! 

The ink cartridges is also low maintenance as one cartridge can print out up to 1000 pages, and it only costs RM37! Furthermore, it is non-messy unlike the typical ink toner. Just plug it in and voila! The printer comes in 3 colours, blue (like mine), turquoise and red. The best part of this printer that it is only RM358 which is a perfect price point! This printer is a great home printer as it can cater to everyone in the house. This printer also comes with a Homework Rescue Challenge, in a collaboration with Disney Digital Network where Disney printables can be printed out for your kids to be interactive and have fun! 

I completed 3 challenges and it was super easy to do, but first, download the HP Smart App!

Our first challenge is the "Finding Nemo Playset".

Connect the smartphone with the printer Wi-fi and stay connected!

It is super easy setting up the printer, everything complete under 10 minutes!

Cut out the 3D character, fold along the dashed line and glue the smaller rectangles to create a stand.

Tadaaaa! Super easy to do, and Marissa had fun rearranging the sea animals up to a point she didn't let me touch it! *LOL*

Second challenge is "Frozen Door Hanger". This challenge is really easy! Just print out the printables, cut out the door hanger.

Marissa helped to glue the paper onto a cardstock to make the door hanger sturdier. 

Cut out the hole and fold the door hanger into half.

Now you get a double-sided Frozen Door Hanger! Definitely for the Frozen lovers! :P

The 3rd Challenge is "Disney Princess Pencil Topper" which is also an easy task!

Cut out all the pieces and fold into half. Then insert the Disney Princess cut out on the top of the pencil and secure with tape. Marissa helped me with taping too. Such a smart girl!

She seems really happy about this project! :D

An additional activity is printing out stickers! Marissa loves stickers and this is definitely her favourite  activity. We printed out Monster Inc stickers and Marissa pasted them in her craft book and decorated them using coloured magic pens. 

Thank you so much HP Malaysia for gifting me this printer, it is indeed a great tool addition to help me to do more activities with my daughter. I had fun, and Marissa definitely had fun too. :) If you guys want to know more about the printer or HP Malaysia, please visit their website and Facebook page too! :)

Website : www.hp.com/my

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