NUVIT Dermal White Series Review

Getting older means I have to take extra care of my skin. I feel quite lucky even though I'm in my early 30s, my skin has been really good to me. Dark spots and pigmentation was never an issue until I start noticing them last year. I was devastated (I know I'm exaggerating) because I have been diligent with sunscreen application these past years. You should know that sunscreen is really important to prevent the formation of dark spots as it protects the skin from the harsh UV rays. Dark spots will appear when there is too much of melanin production caused by sun exposure. Besides having pigmentation on my skin, I'm also worried that my skin becomes dull because of environmental stressors. Hence, I was eager to try out NUVIT Dermal White Series that focuses on brightening, even out skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

NUVIT Dermal White Series includes 5 main ingredients which is called B-Trans5™ that uniquely works together to reduce the production of melanin, repair and brighten up complexion. This range uses the most concentrated formulation (B-Trans5™) without alcohol and they are also non-allergenic. The 5 ingredients include :

Tranexamic Acid  - Reduces tyrosinase activity
Daisy Flower Extract - Reduces melanin production
Vitamin E - Repairs skin and antioxidant
Vitamin B3 - Prevents melanin transfer
Vitamin C- Reduces melanin 

NUVIT Dermal White Series consists of 3 products ; Brightening Spot Correcting Serum, Brightening Essence Fluid and Brightening Spot Corrector. NUVIT uses 3 simple principles 'SPOT, ENTIRE and ENHANCE' to achieve flawless complexion. Lets take a closer look at these 3 products, shall we?

NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Spot Correcting Serum

NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Spot Correcting Serum is a SPOT serum, which needs to be applied to targeted dark spots on skin. It helps in reducing melanin formation and lighten up the problematic area. It is to be used after cleansing the face, twice a day. The serum is thinner in consistency, lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin which makes it non-greasy. It has a subtle floral scent to it which I find pleasing to my nose. This spot serum would be a great addition to skincare routine if reducing dark spots is your main concern. I find it does lightened up my dark spots (lightly) after 10 days of usage. I will surely to continue using it to see further result. A tube of NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Spot Correcting Serum (15ml) is priced at RM69.90.

NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Essence Fluid

NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Essence Fluid is created to even out skin tone, brighten up the skin and turns dull skin to a glowing complexion. The texture of this white essence feels 'gel-like' and lightweight on the skin. It also absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue after application. This essence is to be applied on the ENTIRE face and neck to ensure even skin tone, day and night daily after using a cleanser. I would recommend this product if you want brighter and even skin tone while reducing the appearance of dark spots. A bottle of NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Essence Fluid (30ml) is priced at RM75.90.

NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Spot Corrector

NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Spot Corrector is a potent whitening corrector that helps in reducing spots, protecting skin from UV-rays damage and pollutants to aid in flawless and brighter skin. This corrector is thick in texture and feels slightly greasy during application. Only a tiny amount is needed for each application as I do feel a slight tackiness on the skin when rubbing the product into my skin. I can immediately see the whitening and brightening effect on the skin, as if it provides and instant glow. It definitely ENHANCE my skin complexion and giving it a translucent finish. This corrector to be applied on targeted dark spots area, twice a day, morning and night. A jar of NUVIT Dermal White Brightening Spot Corrector (15ml) is priced at RM59.90.

You can choose any from these 3 products to improve your skin conditions, or you can follow their suggestions based on your concerns :

= Brightening Spot Correcting Serum + Brightening Essence Fluid

= Brightening Essence Fluid + Brightening Spot Corrector

= Brightening Spot Corrector + Brightening Essence Fluid + Brightening Spot Correcting Serum

If you want further information on NUVIT and purchase the products, please visit :

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Facebook : Nuvit.Malaysia

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