Bata B-Flex For Comfort And Style

Finding the perfect shoes is difficult sometimes, simply because we have to give and take about every aspects of the shoes. The shoes could be really stylish, but it is super uncomfortable. Or the shoes can be comfortable but the design is outdated. And also price could be one of the key factor too. When I was younger, I would always go for beautiful shoes with lower price tags (meaning painful shoes) because I'm such a shoe hoarder. I don't mind if the shoes are painful as long as I look good wearing them. But now, being older and having two kids, I NEED comfortable shoes and it doesn't hurt if they look amazing as well. 

Bata B-Flex shoe line uses Bata's new advanced technology which is developed by Alberto Del Biondi. Footwear in Bata B-Flex is developed with high tech materials that can be applied in all types of shoes, ranging from sneakers, working shoes, flats and heels. In line with their advertising campaign, "B-Flex. All In Two", you can have elegance and durability ; flexibility and stability ; and beauty and resistance in a pair of shoes. There are quite a number of footwear selection in the range, comprising of modern and urban design that can fit any lifestyle. Not gonna lie, I actually have 4 designs that I like from the ladies' range. :D

Here are some of the B-Flex ladies' range available in stores, can you guess which one I picked out from the store? ;)

I chose this B-Flex Women Black Heels because I love wearing boots and it goes with everything! I can use this boots with my jeans, my skirt and even with my jubah or abaya. I have another 3 pair of boots and the comfort level of those 3 are NOTHING, compared to Bata B-Flex technology. The sole is padded, feels like stepping on soft cushion in every steps I take. The boots is flexible enough as I can even run in it! I walked (and pushing a stroller) for almost 2 hours straight without stopping in the mall and my feet did not hurt at all. So I guess that's a pretty good sign to determine how comfortable it is. Besides being comfortable and flexible, the footwear available in the B-Flex line is also scratch proof. My shoe size is 4 but apparently I can fit size 5 for this boots so I highly recommend for you to go one size up if you are interested in getting it. If you are not sure which one is the B-Flex line, simply check the bottom of the foot wear which has a big orange "X", and that is the B-Flex footwear.

Here are some of the designs in Men's range available in B-Flex line that caught my eyes.

Do check this list of stores if you want to check out the B-Flex line in stores :

🌼Suria KLCC
🌼Mid Valley Megamall
🌼Sunway Pyramid
🌼1 Utama
🌼IOI City Mall
🌼Aeon Tebrau
🌼City Square
🌼Imago Kota Kinabalu

Bata B-Flex Ladies' range price point starts from RM199 to RM259 while Men's range price point starts at RM269 to RM299 and I heard that the B-Flex collection is officially on sale from October onwards! ;)

For more information on Bata Malaysia, please visit :
Online Store / Website :
Instagram : @batamalaysia

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  1. Wow! Yang bata pun ada boot stylo like this one, ala2 Zara lah

  2. Wow bata Wow! haha told u many times, i adore this boots so much!



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