Thank You Farmer X Sasa Beauty Workshop

One of the perks of being a blogger is the opportunity I got to discover new beauty products. Thank You Farmer is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on 4 principles ; Precious and effective natural ingredients, high performance  and effective skincare ; determination for quality and development of mild formulation. You must be wondering why the name Thank You Farmer? It is simply because they believe in the values of farmers which are honesty, earnestness and gratitude. I attended a Thank You Farmer beauty workshop with Sasa last week in Sunway Pyramid and I am glad I came across this brand as there are a few products I am already loving!

During the workshop, we were introduced to 10 best products by Thank You Farmer. We were taken step by steps on which products to use to have the perfect skin through product demonstration. The 10 products include :

🌼Back To Iceland Cleansing Water
🌼True Water Deep Toner
🌼True Water Deep Serum
🌼Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream
🌼True Water Deep Emulsion
🌼True Water Light Gel Cream
🌼Sun Project Water Sun Cream
🌼Be Beautiful Pure Makeup Base #Green
🌼Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream
🌼True Water Vita Mist

As you can see from the name of the products, Thank You Farmer has a number of skincare / makeup lines that are targeted to specific skin concerns with specific ingredients. Below is the breakdown of the skincare/makeup available in Thank You Farmer :

Skincare range for skin purifying, strengthening, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin soothing 
Ingredients : Iceland Moss , Natural Extracts (Witch Hazel, Papain, Winter Green Leaves, Rubus Chamaemorus, lemongrass, peppermint leaf extracts,etc)

Skincare range for restoring hydration, sebum control and long-lasting moisturization
Ingredients : Inositol, Hyaluronic Acid  

Skincare for anti-aging and hydration
Ingredients : Argan Oil , Ceramide NP

Sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful UV rays while soothing irritated skin and restore hydration
Ingredients : Phyto-Oligo, Natural Extracts (bamboo water, Asiatic pennywort extracts)

Makeup range that provides skincare benefits such as moisturization, wrinkles prevention and skin overall health
Ingredients : Niacinamide & Adenosine, Natural Extracts

STEP 1 : Cleanse & Exfoliate

Back To Iceland Cleansing Water is 5-in-1 super simple cleansing water that acts as makeup cleanser,  exfoliator, brightener, pore care and toner. With 83% of Iceland moss extracts, this amazing ingredient has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and hydration properties. I usually have a slight reaction after using a cleansing water but since this cleansing water has anti-inflammatory properties, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Removing makeup and cleansing out impurities is the first step in skincare routine, and is the most crucial. It's important to get rid all of the dead skin cells, makeup residue because they can clog pores and create skin problems. Thank You Farmer Back To Iceland Cleansing water is lightweight and feels refreshing on the skin. It is suggested to use Thank You Farmer's cotton pad to to reduce friction as the cotton pad is soft to the skin.  The best thing about this cleansing water that it can also be used to clean makeup brushes and sponges. 

STEP 2 : Tone

True Water Deep Toner is a smart hydrating toner that has 2 functions ; wrinkle correction and whitening. Toner is to be used after cleansing as it can balance out the skin pH level, and True Water Deep Toner also has instant moisturization and soothing properties. The texture of this toner is quite thick compare to other toner I've used before. This translucent liquid is so lightweight and it absorbs into the skin super quickly and I really like the texture. True Water Deep Toner can also be mixed with foundation or BB cream for extra glow and hydration. 

STEP 3 : Moisturize

Restoring hydration into the skin after toner is important as for the skin also for the eyes. Thank you Farmer has an array of hydration products to restore moisturization into the skin. In this workshop, we discovered 4 products for hydration :

True Water Deep Serum
This smooth and rich texture serum is designed to give extensive hydration to the skin while correcting fine lines. After toner application, use this serum on face and neck and feel the serum absorbs into the skin. The serum will help to create a moisture skin barrier and helps to diminish fine lines as it has anti-wrinkles properties cause by dehydrated skin.

Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream
Eye cream should be applied after serum application on the face. Eyes area shouldn't be neglected as this delicate corner also needs hydration as well as to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. This products have 5 natural hydrator factors such as ceramide NP, glycerine, lecithin, hyaluronic acid and cholesterol and functional wrinkle-corrector to give firmness and plumpness in the eyes area.The Vitamin B-complex, niacinamide and licorice extracts will help in anti-oxidant and whitening effect. The texture of this eye cream is a reminiscent of rich cream cheese texture and it is quite satisfying to touch, really. This eye cream can also be used on lips as a lip mask for soft and moisture lips. 

True Water Deep Emulsion
After using serum, apply True Water Deep Emulsion to nourish the skin and skin barrier. It contains oil of olives and natural hydrator to maintain oil-moisture balance to restore moisture to nourish dry skin to make it healthy and lively. The texture of this emulsion is silky soft, fluffy and feels lightweight on the skin. It absorbs quickly into the skin without the feeling of stickiness. 

True Water Light Gel Cream
This gel cream is suitable to those with oily or combination skin as this water-gel textured cream absorbs into the skin without a heavy feeling. It creates a moisture barrier on oily skin while controlling sebum production.  It is suitable for sensitive skin, as well as blemish-prone skin as it has ingredients that can sooth irritated and red skin such as aloe vera leaf extract and aloe vera juice. 

STEP 4 : Sunblock 

The final step in skincare is to apply sunscreen, and Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream is a great addition in skincare routine. It contains SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and the best part about this sunscreen that it has moisturizing properties, thanks to bamboo water and  Asiatic pennywort extracts. These two ingredients will help to hydrate the skin through out the day while soothe the skin due to the stress of sun damages. This sunscreen feels lightweight on skin, non-greasy and do no leave any white cast on skin.

STEP 5 : Makeup

Be Beautiful Pure Make Up Base #Green
Before putting on foundation or BB Cream, applying a makeup base is important as it helps to create a flawless canvas to make the foundation finish better. There are many types of make up base, and during the workshop we learned about the green makeup base. Green makeup base is used to even out skin tone as it eliminate skin redness or blemished skin while covering up pores while providing moisture. The creamy texture of this makeup base will adhere to skin and creates a slightly tacky layer on skin so that foundation or BB Cream can hold on to the skin longer, hence makeup will be long-lasting. 

Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream
After face base, continue with BB Cream application to cover up any flaws on skin such as scars, blemishes and also to even out skin tone. Thank You Farmer Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream is a light to medium coverage BB Cream that can be used on a daily basis as it is lightweight on skin which makes it comfortable for everyday use. It has niacinamide for whitening effect and adenosine as anti-wrinkles properties so safe to say that this is not just make up, it is basically beneficial to the skin. I also love the fact that this BB cream is not greasy!

True Water Vita Mist
With 13 vitamin-enriched ingredients, this doubled-layer face mist provides extreme hydration and restore skin's vitality make the skin lively and healthy-looking. The vita mist is a doubled-layer mist (oil and moisture layer) where it needs to be shaken before use to reactivate all the ingredients. Vita mist is a multi-purpose products as it can be used in many ways such as to freshen up the skin, provide hydration, as the first step before makeup and also as a makeup setting spray. It feels refreshing and nourishing on the skin. You can also use this face mist on any rough areas such as on body, hair and fingernails to provide moisturization.

I hope you guys have a rough idea on what Thank You Farmer has to offer, and personally I am already loving some of the products. My top picks from these 10 products has to be the True Water Vita Mist, Serum, Toner and Be Beautiful Makeup base in Green. Thank you Farmer products are available in Sasa Malaysia so do check them out okay? :)

For more information on Thank You Farmer Malaysia,  please visit :
Instagram : @thankyoufarmer_my

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