NSJ Stylish Store Rose Essence Review

Practicing a good daily skincare routine is crucial if you want good skin through out your life. I personally feel that skincare routine is something that everyone should care about even from the young age. When I was in my secondary school, I suffered from a terrible acne problem and I had to live with that problem for 5 years. After I am finished with school, I pledged to find solution to my skin problem and I was indeed really lucky because my skin problems were settled in less than 6 months. Since then, I never neglect my skincare routine and never take things for granted. 

My daily skincare routine comprises of 7 steps, add in one more step if I have makeup on ; cleanser, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen. Well don't mind me, because I'm over the age of 30 and I do need to take extra care of skin. I've been trying out a new essence from NSJ  Stylish Store called Rose Essence, which is made by 100% pure rose hydrosol without any dilution. Rose hydrosol is the water that is created when extracting essential oil from the petals by steam distillation. I was not surprised when found that a bottle of NSJ  Stylish Store Rose Essence is made from 500 rose petals! I kid you not that the essence smells exactly as if you are smelling a rose! If you love the smell of roses, you will surely love this. This essence is made without Paraben, alcohol, colorants and fragrance. Furthermore, this product is registered under KKM and manufactured in a Halal and GMP factory.

What is essence anyway? For me, essence is a step to be used before serum, where the essence will help to prep the skin for better absorption of serum, moisturizer and so on. Usually essence's benefits are focused on hydration, targeting fine lines, wrinkles and even out skintone. Rose extract is beneficial to the skin but if you are not familiar with the benefits of rose extract, it has many benefits such as for hydration, soothing and anti-aging properties. 

So, what NSJ  Stylish Store Rose Essence can do for your skin?
🌹Improve skin's radiance through hydration and promotes anti-aging
🌹Soothes irritated skin
🌹Clean up pores by removing impurities
🌹Balance out skin's pH level 
🌹Can help in fighting acne, bacteria infection and sensitive skin
🌹Promote calmness and reduce anxiousness

There's a lot of ways that you can use this essence, here are some of the suggestions :
🌹Spray on face before applying serum
🌹Use it as a facial mist to refresh skin
🌹Use as a face mask by spraying the essence on a lotion mask
🌹Can be used as a makeup remover by mixing in a few drops of coconut oil

I've used NSJ  Stylish Store Rose Essence for two weeks, and here are my thoughts on the essence. Firstly the scent is a reminisce of a rose (exactly smells like a rose). If you don't like this type of scent, this could be a turn-off but if you love anything rose-y, this is right up your alley. The mist of the spray is quite fine, therefore the dispersion of the essence is good and comfortable on the skin. Through out the 14 days of usage, I can feel that my skin's hydration is at a good level because my skin has been soft and bouncy. As for radiance, I do notice a slight difference but I guess I need to use it longer. I used this essence quite a few times in a day. I use it before applying serum, as a facial mist through out the day when I need some freshen up and also use it as face mask once a week. I also used it after I was out in the sun for a swim, and it helped in soothing my skin and reduce the redness. 

I love a product that is multi-purpose, as for this Rose Essence, it is my essence, my facial mist and facial mask. But I think what I also like about the essence is the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it suitable for sensitive skin too. A fun fact, NSJ  Stylish Store is actually a company specialized in wooden products manufacturing, and you can browse their beautiful wooden and bamboo products in the website. They have a lot of gifts ideas and personalized items too. Why don't I know about this store when I was planning my wedding back in 2014? I love how they practice sustainable business and using recycle materials for their production, it shows what kind of values the company stands for. Now they are venturing into natural skincare and their first product is this Rose Essence. I wonder what the next skincare product would be? ;)

A bottle of Rose Essence (50ml) is priced at RM109 and 2 bottles of Rose Essence (50ml) is priced at RM188.

For more information on NSJ  Stylish Store and it's products, please visit :
Official website : https://nsjstylishstore.com/

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