Umee PPSU Bottle Review

One of the perks of being a mother is the bond we will forever have with our child. It is known that bonding time blossoms through feeding time, and in particular during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey but some mothers are not able to provide that luxury. In addition to that, working mothers who breastfeed must find alternative to feed their child when they are off to work. Baby bottles are one of the essential baby products that we need to carefully select because we want to avoid any discomfort to our babies.

I was sent a twin pack of Umee PPSU Bottle for Eidruce and the first thing that caught my eyes are the design of the bottle itself. I love that the bottle is in greyish tone instead of transparent and I think the design is sleek and trendy. Umee PPSU bottle range is made of PPSU, a safe, strong, heat-resistant and highly durable material which are scratch-resistant. Sometimes when I clean Eidruce's other bottles, they always leave a slight greasy feeling and it is annoying to clean them because there are hard to reach areas. With Umee bottle, it is super easy to clean and it does not leave any milk-ish smell. Umee bottles are made with FDA approved materials and they do not contain Bispherol A or Phthalates which can be harmful to babies.

If you have a colic-y baby, this bottle will fit your needs perfectly! All Umee bottles include this grey ring that creates unique air vent system where it helps to reduce colic symptoms and at the same time preventing leakage while your baby is nursing. I noticed that whenever Eidruce uses this bottle, his bib will be dry as there were no leakage.

A teat is also important when looking for a bottle of your baby because some babies are fussy and they want the same exact feel as a mother's breast. Umee bottle's ergonomically teat is indeed one of the softest teat that I've come across and the shape does mimics a mother's breast. The teat is designed to provide a steady liquid flow when baby suckles and at the same time giving babies comfort through its' soft touch feel while nursing. There are 5 stages of teats that you can get for your babies. Eidruce is currently using Stage 2 - Medium Flow but I will be changing his teats next month to Stage 3. 

The wide neck bottle is another reason why I love this bottle because it makes cleaning easier. I can reach inside of the bottle effortlessly and clean it without having to really scrub hard. Eidruce now holds his own bottle, he insists that he wants to hold it and I can see that the bottle is snug comfortable in his chubby fingers. :D

You can also buy the Insulated Bottle Cover if you want to maintain the milk's temperature while feeding and it is priced at RM18.90 for 260ml bottle. 

My cutipie xo

Before using this bottle, I've heard about the brand through my blogger friends but I actually never seen in stores. Apparently Umee brand is only available via online and they also have other products such as, training cups, replacement accessories, glass bottles on so on. Do check them out if you are looking for new bottles for your babies! A twin pack of 260ml Umee PPSU Bottle is retailed at RM112.90 and you can get it HERE.

Thank you Umee Malaysia for sending over the bottles to Eidruce! :)

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  1. alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa guess what?!?! mmg bukak post ni sbb nk intai si dobot ni!! gambo alst tu siap pdg camera gigit nak?????

  2. This one is really interesting shaped bottle, better looking than avent imo :D



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