SaQ'uera Botanical Drinks & Q'albue Suci Serum Review

Being a mother of 2 active kids means that sometimes I neglect my own self because I always prioritise them. I have to wake up everyday with full of energy because handling them needs 200% of energy! *hahaha* And besides that, sometimes I do skip my skincare routine because I am too busy so honestly, I do need a little help in that department. What better way to include a supplementary drinks in my diet, am I right?

SaQ'uera Botanical Drinks from Juta Gold is a supplementary drinks made from Sakura and Pomegranate. Sakura extract is good for collagen production, whitening and moisturizing while pomegranate is good for anti-oxidant properties. Other ingredients include honey, dates and habbatussauda oil. This supplement drink give the benefits to the skin, especially in improving collagen production, anti-aging and brightening up the skin. SaQ'uera is formulated without sulphates and phthalates, non-comedogenic, no synthetic fragrances, cruelty-free and vegan.  

A box of Saq'uera Botanical Drinks has 20 sachets of 15ml. Tear it up and drink a sachet in the morning before breakfast and a sachet before going to bed. I love this kind of supplement drinks because it's effortless to drink it and I don't have to mix anything using a shaker. A convenient treat to bring around especially if I have to travel around.

The taste of SaQ'uera Botanical Drinks is really nice! I love the sweet and sour berry taste of the juice and it kinda freshen me up in the morning. After the first day of consuming the supplementary drinks, I do notice there were a few pimples popped up but eventually it fades out and no pimples to be seen after that. I guess in a way that is a detoxification process to eliminate toxin from the body. After a week of consumption, I do notice that my skin has become smoother and supple. It also gives me a boost of energy in the morning and believe me, I need that. Currently SaQ'uera Botanical Drinks is having a promotion for a trial pack of 3 sachets at the price of RM40, so do visit to try it out. But please keep in mind that this botanical drinks is not suitable for those under 16 years of age and pregnant woman.

Q'albue Suci Serum is enriched with Sakura extract and 24k Gold and Vitamin E. By using this serum frequently, it can combat anti-aging problem such as pigmentation, wrinkles and also improve skin elasticity. With constant use, skin will be more radiant and brighter. This serum is formulated without sulphates and phthalates, non-comedogenic, no synthetic fragrances, cruelty-free and vegan.  

I appreciate that the serum comes with a pump which makes it hygienic. As you can see from the transparent packaging, the flakes that you see is the 24K Gold flakes. 

The texture of the serum is lightweight and it does feel a bit tacky in the beginning. But after 10 seconds or so, the serum absorbs into the skin quickly. This serum can be use day and night, but I personally use it during the day as I prefer lightweight type of serum for day time. Skin feels softer and hydrated after usage, thanks to the hydration properties. The serum is designed to restore damaged cells and promote skin healing gradually and I hope by constant use, it can help to remove my pigmentation scars. What I love the most about the serum is the scent, it's really uplifting!

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