Beblum Navi Stroller Review

One of the most important baby gear that I need in my life is a stroller. A stroller is a life saver whenever I bring out my kids because I don't have to carry them for long hours and they can sleep in the stroller when they are tired. There are may types of strollers in the market, it all depends on your preference. Be it the design, whether you like those with big wheels or compact one or maybe for specific purpose as in for city strolling or for a jog in the park. I do have my own specific requirements such as the stroller has to be easily open and close, compact and have huge shopping basket (obviously this is for mommy *hehe*

I actually found out about Beblum from my friends' instagram and I was curious about the brand because I've never of it before. While checking out their website, I found out that Beblum is a brand from Netherlands that is created by young parents with fresh and innovative designs to cater to the younger generations needs and wants. The one factor that stands out about Beblum is the affordable pricing they set for their consumers. How do they get to set their price affordably? It is because they do not source out their products to retailers or distributors, they will deal directly with customers.  

Beblum Navi Stroller is front-facing, compact fold and lightweight stroller that can be used for newborn and toddlers up to 20kgs. I use this stroller both for Eidruce and Marissa and I can see that Marissa enjoys it very much. Let's take a closer look of this stroller and find out what is my overall thoughts on it.

Here are the specifications of Beblum Navi Stroller :
  • Compact fold - Cabin size
  • Size : Unfolded - 40cm (w) x 104cm (h) x 85cm (d) / Folded - 40cm (w) x 63cm (h) x 26cm (d)
  • For Newborn to 20kg
  • Front Swivel wheels
  • Improved 4 wheel suspension
  • Leatherette Pushbar and removable safety bar
  • One hand push
  • One hand adjustable leg rest & seat recline
  • Longer seat's backrest
  • Perfect for city strolling
  • Stylish XL Shopping Bag
  • Self-standing when folded

The sun shade is huge! I love the fact that it can protect the child from harmful sun and I can also pull it down when Marissa or Eidruce is sleeping. One more feature is the peekaboo mesh window which is good to use if I want to take a look at what they are doing. 

The seat is not as cushiony as I want it to be but it's alright. For Eidruce I have to use a seat liner as he is still a lil' baby. The seat can be reclined which is also a great feature to have. Marissa and Eidruce can sit or sleep in 3 different positions ; sitting position, half-way lay down position and fully-lay down position. This feature will help your child to be comfortable when using this stroller. If you have Maxi Cosi Cabriofix or Maxi Cosi Pebbles baby carrier for your newborn, you can purchase a car adapter to attach it to Beblum Navi Stroller. 

The leg rest is also adjustable so you can choose which position is more comfortable for the baby. You can put it up when your kid is sleeping and put it down when they are sitting up right. 

A removable leatherette safety bar is also included to provide even more safety for the child in the stroller. I actually kinda like using it because sometimes Marissa doesn't want to be buckled up when we are in the mall, so at least she won't be able to get down from the stroller. Another use of the safety bar, attach a clip fan to cool down your baby!

The harness is adjustable depending on the comfort of the child. And the harness is easy to lock and unlock which makes it a no-fuss task.

The shopping basket is not as spacious as I want it to be but it can fit their 2 layers of bottle and food bag. I have to hang their Skiphop diaper bag on the pushbar. It is also better to add on a stroller organizer just to have more storage. And a cup holder (or even two holders) is a must too. :D

The Beblum Navi Stroller comes with an easy one step brake to lock and unlock. No hassle as there is no need to step on really hard, it is effortless. Remember to use this feature if you are gonna let your baby sit in the troller without moving.

Front swivel wheels
I have a video on my Instagram showing how to fold and unfold the Beblum Navi Stroller. It takes less than 30 seconds to do it! Click this video below to bring you to my Instagram page. You can also take a look how the stroller is self-standing when folded.

Here's my thoughts on the Beblum Navi Stroller :

Easy fold and unfold
I love this feature as it makes it easy to get in and out of our car and I don't have to rely on my husband to do it.

Compact fold and lightweight
The stroller fold nicely and it's easy for me to lift it up. Easy for mommy!

Reclinable Seat
3 positions for the comfort of my children. Sit, watching movie on phone or even sleeping.

Easy to navigate
The one pushbar and front swivel wheels features are really helpful if I need to hold something in my other hand.

180 degrees Sunshade
A huge sunshade that can protect my child from sun protection and drizzles of rain too.

Affordable Price
For the price of RM599, this Beblum Navi Stroller is at a great price point for young parents especially. Nowadays strollers with good quality can cost up to thousands of Ringgit and with this stroller, parents can save up money and spend it on something else.

Height of the stroller
I'm a petite mommy so pushing the stroller feels comfortable for me. I'm not sure if taller parents would be comfortable though because they might have to slouch a little bit.

Shopping basket
For me the shopping basket underneath is a medium-sized. I have a huge diaper bag because I have 2 kids therefore it's a bit small for me. But it fits my smaller diaper bag for one kid or the kiddos bottle and food bag.  

Currently Beblum is having a promotion where you can get a free travel bag if you purchase now. Beblum Navi Stroller have upgraded few functionality and it is available in Black and Grey. It is retailed at RM599 only! Say What??? So affordable for this kind of stroller! Do check out their website and instagram to keep updated on their products. Thanks for reading guys! :)

For more information on Beblum Malaysia, please visit :
Official Website :
Instagram : @beblummalaysia

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