A Blossoming Chinese New Year in Suria KLCC

It's time of the year again and Chinese New Year is coming up really soon! I love seeing all my Chinese friends preparing themselves for this festive days especially shopping. And where can you find amazing deals happening during this time of the year? If in KL, in Suria KLCC for sure! Suria KLCC needs no introduction as it is an iconic building; the Petronas twin tower, a must-visit destination for any tourists and the location is perfect for photo-taking! In every festivities, Suria KLCC will rise to the occasion with related decoration to lift up the festivities mood among its shoppers.

This Lunar New Year, Suria KLCC has transformed the mall into a magnificent Mandarin Orange garden with the theme "Abundance of Prosperity". The Centre Court has been turned into a beautiful garden, full with mandarin oranges and red lanterns which represent fortune, wealth and abundance.

Mandarin orange has a symbolic meaning as it sounds similar to the word "gold" in Chinese while signifying good luck. It is known during Chinese New Year that mandarin oranges are given out to guests at home, offices or anywhere else as it symbolizes giving out fortune and wishing prosperity upon the receiver. I myself am looking forward for boxes of mandarin oranges during this time of the year because they are very delightful. 

This Chinese New Year, Suria KLCC wants its shoppers to celebrate this season by appreciating their traditional values and roots, the warmth of family closeness are the most expensive values that can never be replaced. I was in Suria KLCC last week for the launch and we were entertained by a number of performances such as the traditional Chinese five pieces musical ensemble, Chinese cultural dance and acrobatic lion dance.

Welcome Speech by Andrew Brien, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Suria KLCC

Then we headed out to check out the the grand new 40ft high Basket of Mandarin oranges replica "Basket of Good Fortune" located at the KLCC Esplanade (entrance to the KLCC park from inside of the mall). It was massive and it is an insta-worthy spot!

After that we were entertained by an amazing acrobatic hi-pole lion dance and I got to stand right in front of the dance and it felt so energetic and fun! The lions are pretty cute though with their actions and dancing, I was really entertained. You too can watch this lion dance as it is included as one of the performance during this period of festive season. This troupe is an award-winning group, Kwong Ngai Acrobatic Lion Dance Group and they were the Overall Champion of the 2017 National Dragon and Lion Dance Championship!

From 19th January to 10th February 2019, there are special rewards for shoppers during weekend, daily and also Citibank Visa Weekend Bonus! Here are the details!

Spend RM1000 above in a single at any specialty store to receive a candy tray and red packets 
Receive RM10 parking ticket for the first 30 Citibank Visa card holders

WEEKEND REWARDS (Saturday & Sunday)
Spend RM3500 above in a single receipt at any specialty store and receive Spring Garden dining vouchers

CITIBANK VISA WEEKEND BONUS (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Spend RM3500 above in 2 receipts and receive Spring Garden dining vouchers

Redemption Counter

As a part of CRS, Suria KLCC is working together with Hospis Malaysia, a charity organization to raise RM10,000 donation collectively from 19th January till 22nd February 2019 through direct donation from shoppers and merchandize selling. For every RM15 donation, shopper is entitled to redeem a token of appreciation.

Don't forget to catch all the performances such as God of Prosperity Meet & Greet, Traditional Lion Dance, Hi-Pole Lion dance, Chinese traditional dances, festive drums and 5-piece Chinese Musical Ensemble from 23rd January till 19th February 2019! Here's the breakdown so you can arrange your schedule to see what you want to watch! For me personally I would enjoy the Hi-pole lion dance and the Festive Drums very much so that would be on top of my list!

I love this spot!

Well of course, with this beautiful Chinese New Year decoration, one shall not miss the opportunity to snap some photos as they are absolutely insta-worthy! 

My favourite insta-worthy spot

The massive "Basket of Good Fortune" is the perfect spot for photo so be sure to try to take a photo here with the Twin Tower as the background. The only problem that there were so many people taking photos there and I can't even get in there because there were just too many people and it was almost night time. Anyway, but if you wanna take a picture there, go early in the morning to get the perfect lighting and less crowd!

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