Sarr'e By Sari Lip Matte Review

For someone who is a beauty junky, well, a lipstick addict to be exact, I always find joy and excitement in discovering new brand. Liquid lipstick, especially the lip matte kind is always in trend and it is indeed one of my go-to lip products because I love matte finishes. Sarr'e by Sari is a brand which is established in August 2018 and founded by Sarihana Serigar, a beauty enthusiast who believes that the perfect lipstick is vital to complete our appearance. I strongly agree because lipstick gives me the mood to be confident and it definitely 'the product' to complete my whole makeup look. Without lipstick, the whole effort of putting on make up is just not worth it.

Sarre' By Sari Lip Matte is made from natural ingredients such as Beeswax, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil. Coconut oil or known as Cocos Nucifera is a wonderful ingredient to have as it helps to protect and repair lips dryness. While Vitamin E has antioxidant properties to prevent lips from aging due to dehydration and dryness. These ingredients will surely help to lock in moisture on our lips even though we are using a matte lip product. 

There are 6 rich and bold shades available for you to try out ; Royale Nude, Impress Me, Flirt John, Suppressive, Alter Ego and Jophiel Sari. Honestly they all look gorgeous, but knowing myself, I gotta try Alter Ego (Code 76) because I love putting on red lipstick!

Love the design of the lip matte tube!
Doe-foot applicator

Sarr'e by Sari Lip Matte in the code Alter Ego (code 76) is a red with orange undertone, which is actually my favourite type of red. The texture of the lip matte is creamy and it glides easily on my lips. It dries quite fast and it is comfortable on my lips. Pigmentation is good and I used 2 layers to get to my preferred richness. I would say that the longevity of this lip matte is depends on how long you can go without eating. It does wear off after eating but it does not transfer if you were to drink. I personally don't mind reapplication, so that doesn't bother me much. I also like the fact that this lip matte is lightweight on my lips, doesn't make my lips feel dry (thanks to the natural ingredients) and I do not experienced the lip matte peeling off. 

I am currently loving fresh, clean face make up look, the effortless kind and red lips is the perfect way to make the whole makeup look stands out. Quick tip, if you don't have the time to do a full-face makeup, just get your base done, fill in your eyebrow, put on mascara and blush, and put a red lipstick on! You will look like as if you spent hours doing your makeup whereas it only takes about 10 minutes!

Here is the price list for Sarr'e By Sari Lip Matte :
1 for RM60 (Postage RM9)
2 for RM120 (Postage RM9)
3 for RM180 (Postage RM9 / Free 3 mask)
4 for RM240 (Postage RM9 / Free 5 mask)
5 for RM300 (Postage RM9 / Free 10 mask)
6 for RM350 (discount RM10) (Postage FREE / Free 10 mask)

With every purchase that you made, 5% of the sale will be donated to Syria, so please do shop and donate at the same time!

To purchase Sarr'e By Sari Lip Matte, please contact :
Whatsapp/ call : 013-3058282 
Instagram : sarrebysari_official

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