PG Mall Cashback With Maybank QRPay

E-commerce is one of the vital aspects to get us through this pandemic that we are experiencing right now. The ability to get our essentials through online platforms is crucial as we have to stay home and practice social distancing to flatten the curve. I myself do a lot of online shopping especially this Eid because it's easier, convenient and hassle-free. When I shop online, I always look for rewards or any kind of returns while shopping online. So here comes in PG Mall, with great cashback offers for their consumers!

PG Mall is a Malaysia online shopping platform with a wide variety of product selection, which means it is the only local e-commerce platform in Malaysia.What can you buy from PG Mall?  Products ranging from :
☀️Home & Living
☀️Food & Beverages
☀️Sports & Leisure
☀️Kids & Baby
☀️Health & Beauty

Basically you can get your essentials and non-essential in PG Mall. I like the layout of this website as it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. PG Mall offers forever cashback through their ConsuMerchant  concept (which I will share later in this blogpost) and also reliable and secure shopping experience. Other than that, PG Mall is ranked top 3 at Iprice insight report!

PG Mall is the only platform that accepts all e-wallets and one of it is Maybank QRPay. You can get cashback 20% off capped at RM20 with minimum spend of RM30. This promotion is on-going from 4th of May until 26th of June 2020 and during this period, you can get 2 times cashback chances! This is a 'Durian Runtuh' promotion where you can get RM40 per Maybank account!

Cashback can be achieved once a transaction is made through personal or referral's purchase is successful. PG Mall ConsuMerchant concept (consumer + merchant) where shopper can share referral link to friends where they can get forever cashback up to 3.5%!  These cashback flows will go on forever, this is what it means by "Forever Cashback" in PG Mall!

For more information on PG Mall, please visit :

Website :

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