Makeup Tips #FaceMask Edition

Honestly in the beginning of MCO, I have not been putting on makeup at all whenever I go out because we have to wear face mask. Just because I thought, what's the point right? But as the day goes by, I do feel a bit unmotivated and I need something to boost my confidence and energy. But of course, thinking of makeup stains on my face mask is irritating. To keep our 'new normal' in check, it's important to keep on going with our daily lives, be it our work or running let me share you some of my makeup tips how to do your make up while wearing face mask and how to minimize makeup transfer.

1. Minimal base makeup

It's important to keep our base light and minimal because we want to minimize makeup transfer. I would suggest to use a tone correcting primer with a cushion foundation or a stick foundation. Use lightly, just enough to cover what's needed. If you have good skin going on, simply eliminate the cushion and just use a bb cream / cc cream, or just use this primer.

This VDIVOV Silk Wear Makeup Base in Violet is a lilac shade primer to cancel out yellow tones and brightened up the skin at the same time. You can actually just get away with this without foundation to keep your skin natural-looking.

VDIVOV Double Stay Dual Concealer (available in August 2020) is a multi-task product that can be used as a foundation and concealer. The stick foundation has light to medium coverage and it gives the natural finish skin that I am looking for. I also use the concealer with my orange corrector to correct my under eye dark circles, but if you don't have dark circles, omit the orange corrector.

2. Focus on eye makeup

Obviously the only thing that anyone would see is your eyes area. Yes, so eyebrow, eyes and lashes are our main focus to enhance or look. I personally can't live without my eyebrow pencil because eyebrow frames our face. I look weird if I don't have my eyebrow drawn. 

VDIVOV Mega Brow Pencil Auto in 03 Dark Brown

Using eyeshadow is a great way to open up your eyes and to make it livelier. Make it simple by using maximum 3 shades, and you are going to look amazing! These Monocube eyeshadows from THE FACE SHOP are actually really good, compared to any other Korean brands because they are pigmented, easy to blend out and the colour selections are great too. To make it more natural and easy, go for the shades like brown, deep orange, a little bit of glitter on the centre of the eyelids. I used RD01 on my entire eyelids (not exceeding my crease), WH01 on the centre of my eyelids and BR03 on my lower lash line.

From left to right : MONOCUBE Glitter RD01, MONOCUBE Top Coat WH01, MONOCUBE Matte BR03

Next is to use eyeliner to create more intensity of the whole look, I chose a brown shade this time because it looks softer and natural. And also using a  pearlescent eye liner on the corner of tear duct, and under my eyebrow for a little highlight moment.

VDIVOV Eye On Gel Pencil Liner in  PK101 Pearl
VDIVOV Eye Cut Brush Liner in 02 Brown

A makeup look is not complete without a mascara or even fake lashes! But, I don't have time to put on my lashes if I'm going out running errands, so mascara is my best bet. I would actually just skip eyeshadow and eyeliner and go straight to mascara if I don't have the time to do it. This Freshian mascara is one of my favourite mascara from THE FACE SHOP and you should really give it a go because I love how it elongates and separate my lashes. Don't forget to coat your lower eyelashes too!

3. Skip unnecessary steps

Take considerations on what will be shown on your face when you are wearing a face mask. People won't be seeing anything else except your eyes so you can actually skip your bronzer, blush, highlighter and lipstick. I do however sometimes put blusher on just to bring back the colour on my skin but it is totally optional. I don't even put on lipstick because it is definitely going to stain so I would only apply lip balm. If you really want to wear a lipstick, go for the matte liquid lipstick that doesn't budge or use the technique with loose powder. 

4. Set your makeup

Setting your makeup is a great way to lock in your makeup, especially your makeup base. I always use a makeup a setting spray or a loose powder to seal in all the hardwork I've done. I think any makeup setting spray would do, but if you want to try something that can sooth and moisturize your skin as well, do check out this Aloe Water face mist from THE FACE SHOP.

My final look with THE FACE SHOP makeup products

I love how the makeup turns out, it does makes me look good and this makeup only takes 10 minutes top! Maybe next I will try other colours just to make it more fun! hehe anyway, I want to share good news to you if you are planning to shop at THEFACESHOP e-store. You now can get :

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