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Buying a new house can be overwhelming and confusing. It is indeed a complex process but it can get easier with Myra Homebuying Hub! Well what IS Myra exactly? Myra was created to help in easing home buying journey for future home owners by introducing 4 step process through it's digital platform- a home booking web app called Myra Homebuying Hub. Everyone who has the experience in buying homes would know how tedious it is to complete the home buying process, so here comes Myra to help you get through the process efficiently and smoothly. 

What are the issues regarding home ownership? I mean I could just imagine endless questions about how to buy a home, especially for a first time buyer.  

Some of the issues include :
- Lack of homeownership education and awareness
- Financially unprepared
- Complicated process with problems along the buying process

This is where Myra comes in help us :

By going digital so we can say goodbye to truck loads of paperwork. Buyers can now upload any documents into the system and of course with the help of a consultant. We no longer need any documents or paperworks Myra provides online apps such as online instalment calculator, Debt Service Ratio (DSR) calculation rating, document submission guide and additional tips to ensure the homebuying process goes smoothly for the future home owners.

Not just that, Myra can streamline all important documents digitally and homebuyer may access to any of these documents when needed without the hassle of looking for it manually. 

Other hidden costs that all home owners should know when purchasing a home, Myra will lay down all that for you!

Home owner is also getting assistance from a consultant so you basically can ask them just about anything regarding house buying. It is super convenient for home buyers!

Lets checkout some of Myra's township, now shall we? Currently Myra has 7 townships and they are :

Myra Gardens in Kundang, Rawang

Aster by Myra Gardens in Kundang, Rawang

Myra Alam at Puncak Alam

Other townships include Myra Saujana in Dengkil, Myra Meranti in Puchong, Myra Putra in Desa Pinggiran Putra and Myra Vista in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.

I really feel this is such a great service to help out homebuyers, because the thought of buying a new home is intimidating and overwhelming. It is good to know that now we can get assistance from Myra as they are promised to ensure our homebuying experience goes smoothly. 

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