Rambut itu mahkota wanita :)

hello hello hello :)

lama sgt dah x post pasal beauty/healthcare. so today, walaupun agak kelam kabut nk siapkan order cupcakes org (hehehe :P) i still nk tulis jugak! :D

I was searching for new shampoo, coz before ni gune Herbal Essences (Long Term Relationship) yg sgt wangi n buat my hair lembut, tapi after using it for a year, rase mcm dh xde effect. Biase la, bile nk cari product baru, mesti pening kepala sbb byk sgt choice. So hari tu, I went to Village Grocer at Bangsar Village coz nk stock up some items for my baking. I went there with Sha, and I asked her, now she pakai shampoo ape (coz dulu yg herbal essence tu dia yg suggest. :D). She said dia pakai Palmolive Naturals Brilliant Shine with Pearl Essence and Almond Oil. Mule2 I rase mcm tak glamour je Palmolive ni, ahahahaha! elok ke?? Most of the time I trust Sha on her opinions pasal beauty range ni, so what the heck, I bought it, and u know what? It is so worth it! :)

source : google images

"Boosted shine that reflects hair highlights. Treat your hair so it can look straight with New Palmolive Naturals Silky Straight Shampoo.Its new creamy formula ,enriched with 100% Pearl and almond oil extracts,work it way down each hair strand like a comb to help relax frizz and flyaways.Hair looks straighter.Enjoy its long lasting fragrance"

The reasons I love Palmolive Naturals Brilliant Shine with Pearl Essence and Almond Oil :
1. Baru 2 hari pakai, my hair dah jd so smooth and smells very nice!
2. I'm the kind of person yg shampoo everyday (I know ramai ckp x elok shampoo hari2, but I just can't stop doing it coz rase sgt x best! huhu) So nway, I just nk cube if x shampoo satu hari ok x and the result, still smells good and lembut mcm baru lps shampoo. yeay!
3. Tak payah pakai conditioner coz it's 2 in 1. Double like coz I'm super lazy nk tunggu lama2. :P but I do use leave in hair conditioner to prevent split ends.
4. It is damn cheap. Around RM10.00 for 400ml. Murah kan?? :D

I think 4 reasons are good enuff for me to keep on using it. :)

Till our next beauty & healthcare post. hehe :)

Sabby Prue



  1. what about fallen hair?...any suggestion?...
    i tried sunsilk, safi n pantene but no effect at all....please help me...huhuhu

  2. hi aida. firstly nak tanye, is ur hair short or long? coz kalau rambut panjang, mmg rambut byk gugur. I tried pantene and sunsilk jugak dulu, but it didnt work. Then i pakai hair tonic, kinda work, but u kene rajin pakai. i x igt the name of the hair tonic coz it was given by a friend. :( but now i dh x pakai dh pun.

    Now i pakai 2 shampoos (1 for dandruff - since i ade dandruff & 1 for smoothness). I alternate guna, coz shampoo dandruff tend to leave ur hair a bit kasar. Rambut still gugur, but kurang. But rambut i panjang sgt2, hohoho sbb tu mmg byk gugur. :P u pegi hair salon, and ask for hair tonic, most of them ade jual. Good luck! :)

  3. nieja pakai palmolive yg pink
    tu pon best gak. nak try tukar
    yg ni la plak hehe

  4. ehehe yg pink utk ape? ;)
    cube jgn x cube, worth it! :)



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