You don't know what you've got till it's gone

People come in your life without knowing whether they gonna stay for good or for just a little while. In any situation, the best thing is to appreciate the presence of the person and do not take things for granted. Sometimes people forget to express and say in words that they care about the person, assuming she/he knows/can feel it. By telling them how much they mean to you really does make a difference in their lives.




  1. It takes time to try understand all of it...
    what brings happiness...and what brings sadness...

    to be sum1 for sum1...will never be easy...scared and un-level could be...

    time after'll find that sum1...if you want to... ;) just take it easy with him...

  2. dear anon,

    thanx for ur point of view. :) but this is not purposely about a guy, it covers about friends/family or just about anything else. Universal. :)



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