HOLIDAY : Korea Pt. 1

Hellloooooooo everyone! :)

So I guess everyone figured it out where I've been last week since I've uploaded the photos in my FB. Hehe. Yeah I was in Korea for a family holiday (abah,mama, qypot & I) :)

So I'll be telling you all the details/tips whatever it is that comes to mind about Korea, from MY point of view, ok? But I'll be doing by stages because to include everything in one post is just too much. :)

Oh btw, we followed the Muslim tour group by Mayflower. The tour package is for 6 days 4 nites and the price is around RM3,500 ++. (inclusive of air ticket, accommodation, food & entrance fee for places of interests:) For any details and info, u can go to the agency urself . hehe

So our flight was at 1130pm on the 23rd,  and we reached Incheon International Airport  around 6am (local time). Korea cepat 1 jam dari time Malaysia. It was freaking cold, temperature was -3 !! oh myyyy.. freezing.... From the airport, straight naik bus and headed to a pier, kitorg nk naik ferry nk bg seagulls makan, tp seagulls nye mcm xde je. lol

Then trus to The National Folk Museum of Korea. Basically kat sini the history and how they live their life in the past. Lepas tu trus ke Gyeongbokgung Palace. The place for the king. But FYI, sekarang Korea dah xde raja, the highest now is the President. :)

 this is Yu Jin, our Korean tour guide. :)

 ok i looked like budak form 3

Selepas itu, kitorg dh kebulur and we headed to Maharaja Restaurant at Itaewon, it's the place yg ada halal food and the only mosque in Seoul. Kat sini ade supermarket and bookstores.

 oh please excuse tahap x senonoh itu. 

Lepas solat, kitorg trus ke town for Nanta Show. Have u ever heard about the show? Diorg penah buat world tour last year and ada perform in KL. The show was great!! dIt's kinda like a theater, x bercakap, only the sound from cooking utensils + veggies + music. It was funny. hehe but we are not allowed to use camera/video, so x dpt la tangkap gamba pelakon2 nye. heeee

A few snapshots of Seoul...

Later on we went to Doota Mall in Dongdaemun (not sure of the spelling) to get souvenirs for our loved ones in Malaysia, and a bit of make-up shopping for me. Teeheee.. :D Lepas abis we had our dinner at Taj Palace (also in Itaewon) and that was all for the first day. :)

To be continued... :)



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