Hari pertama di 2012 :)

So what did u guys do on new year's day? :)

My friend Wan, ajak pegi photoshoot to her friend's sister yg tgh buat project for UiTM (maybe her final project kot) hehe. And she is studying in UiTM Lendu ok! hahaha teringat la memori kat melaka pulak. :D and she told us the photos akan dipamerkan kat UiTM Lendu nanti somewhere in February. hehehe nway, so the concept is photoshoot for muslimah fashion. And the location dekat Taman Tasik Perdana.  :) It was so easy working with Iylia, her hubby and her sister Aqilah. Thanx so much guys! :) U guys can check out their website here and add them in Facebook to find out more about their services. :) Oh ya, all the photos are taken from their blog/fb. Semua cantik! thanx again guys! :)

Korang tgk je la gambar2 ni semua. hahahaha jgn gelak ok, mmg awkward jugak sbb x reti sgt nak pose. yela, i ni model picisan aje. lol! :P Enjoyyyyy

black inner | Sugarscarf
net shawl | gift from Jules
grey turtle neck top| Uniqlo
peach chiffon cropped top | bazaar in Subang Parade
leopard palazzo | Gerobok Magika & Nuur Tiara
blue & black pumps | Nose
pink flower ring | Forever 21

this is Iylia. :) 



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