Mal's Surprised Bachelorette and Birthday Party! :)

Ok lets cut to the chase.

Mal is getting married this friday and we *ehem ehem* being the bff (ahahha) wanted to do something special for her. So we decided to throw her a bachelorette + birthday party since her birthday is on 22nd. What she didn't know that we planned everything behind her back, secretly. :D the good thing was, she didn't expect anything and yes she was surprised! So good job girls!! :)

So the planing was like a month, everyone has their own job scope (ewahhh :P) and alhamdulillah everything went smoothly.

Biena : Wedding present/Deco
Felly  : Deco/Goodies
Haley : Deco/Goodies
Mash : Games/Deco
Roe : Cake/Deco
Shel : Venue/Deco
Tia : Deco

*Everyone was cooperative and our hardwork paid off. Weehoooooo! :)

What : Mal's Surprised Bachelorette & Birthday Party
Theme : Pink & Black
When : October 12 2012
Where : Red Box, Curve
Time : 9pm - 12am
Who : Mal, Biena, Felly, Haley, Mash, Roe, Shel & Tia

Eventho the invitation stated that the party is for october babies, but it is actually just for Mal. Hehe and we  arrived at 8 to decorate the place. Thank god Mal didn't cancel on the last minute. Phewwww... :D

Okay, enuff of talking (err typing).. lets scroll down for photos. :)


 ahaha excited!



 this is too cute shel! :D

 mal chose this button badge for me. it spells SEXY. wahaha :P

 semangat budak ni! ahaha 

 yes you are correct!

 upacara pemberian hadiah. ewah

We had a FANTASTIC time especially when we sang Spice Up Your Life by Spice Girls! I love you ladies till my last breath... xoxo :)


Oh behind the scene.. :D our preparation. ahaha gigih betul.. :P

Can't wait for the wedding. See you girls! :)

**EDITED : Mal said,

"Tenkiu babeeee now i know where to retrieve all the pics in the future!!! Omg sebulan?? u girls are superb!! tiada syak wasangka langsung!! Sukaaaa sangattt!!! Everything the prezzies the cake the deco the goodie bags and mostly the company!!! Hugs and kisses muahhhhxxx"



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