Haul #1 : Sandakan haul

Hello hello :)

Just got back from Sandakan this morning. Super tired but i need to do my laundry. Heee

Anyway, the reason for this post is just to share with you guys things that I bought (for myself) in Sandakan. I think it's fun to share what and where I bought those things, as well as how much it costs. But just keep an open heart ya, this is never a bragging or show off post as everything is affordable. :)

1. Pashmina
I just love the colour combo. Pastel pink and blue. The material is thick and so soft. Bought at RM15 only. I don't remember the name if the shop, but it's in the city center.

2. Leopard shawl
It's cotton with leopard prints. And I bought it at RM5 only. Hehe oh it's the same shop I bought the pashmina.

3. Harem pants
Super comfy. Can be worn as your casual pants or sleep wear . Hehe RM18. Bought at Butik Gemilang, near Pavilion Hotel.

4. Fridge magnet and keychain
Your usual ole-ole. Hehe magnets are mostly RM10 per pc. If you buy 5, free 1. Key chains starts at RM5. You can check out a souvenir and craft store in Central Market in Sandakan Town. I dont remember the name but it's the only one I found there (ground floor, i think). And also this store in the airport called 'Price Attack'. :)

5. Gold watch by Casio
Been searching for this for so long. The exact classic design I'm looking for. This baby only cost RM78. Yes it is original, it comes with 1 year guarantee. I'm so happy... Wheee :D oh I bought this in Gentingmas Mall.

6. Glass Jars
For my baking things. Hehe only RM2.50 per pc. Bought it at a bakery shop somewhere in Bandar Indah, i think. Ahahha :P I'm so lousy when it comes to remembering the places name. Hehe

7. Vanilla Body Mist by The Body Shop
I super love the smell of vanilla, freshly baked cookies and anything relates to that. TBS used to have vanilla edt, but they don't produce that anymore. And while I was browsing around I found it! Ahaha love love! But this one is given by my kak ngah. Hehe thanks yanot! :) btw the body mist is RM39.

8. Boots
Bought this at Pasar Rumbingan which opens on Sunday only. It's a bundle market. And this beauty costs me RM5 only. Yes you are not dreaming. RM5 only. Yeah it needs to be stitched and yada yada yada but it's freaking RM5 onlyyyyy! Hahaha super love the pink salmon colour and the metal buttons give the boots extra bling bling.

Everything here costs RM143.50 only. Super cheap. :)

That's all love. I'll be posting more hauls and favourites posts in the future. Stay tuned! :)



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