Review : Victoria's Secret Eau De Parfum gift set

I've been obsessing about fragrances lately. I don't know why. I've always been the type of girl who owns 2 bottles of perfumes at one time. Those 2 bottles can last me about 1 and 1/2 year. And I used to buy the same perfumes over and over again. For instance, I was in love with Estee Lauder's Pleasure. I keep on using this (2 bottles) then I switched to Pleasure Intense (1 bottle). The same line, just a stronger scent. Then I switched to Lancome Miracle (3 bottles), then I used Miracle So Magic (2 bottles). Again, the same line, but a different scent). Other perfumes that I used such as Ralph Lauren Romance, Ralph Lauren Sport, Gucci Envy, I think I had more, but I just can't remember. Now I'm using Christian Dior Mon Cherie, Burberry Brit, The Body Shop Midnight Bakula and 3 perfumes my sister bought in Makkah. And been obsessed with body & fragrance mists! OMG. help. I just need to stop buying.. -_-

What an intro! ahahaha :D Nway, I just want to review this new perfumes set I bought. Ohh myyyy....

The box

Tadaaaaaaaa! :)))

7 bottles of EDP. Yeayyyy :)

"Who says you can only have one favorite fragrance? Thismust-have eau de parfum gift set includes our most popular scents in atravel-ready size—Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, a glamorous blend of purplepassion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid; Dream Angels Heavenly, asensual blend of white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony; Very Sexy, asultry blend of vanilla orchid, sun-drenched clementine and midnightblackberry; Victoria’s Secret Angel, a captivating blend of sparkling plum,sheer violet and amber; Body by Victoria, a lush blend of water blossoms,orange flower and earthy musk; Sexy Little Things Tease, a flirty blend ofblack vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia; and Love is Heavenly, aromantic blend of water lily, mandarin flower and luminous musk. A $101 value."

Size :7.5ml  each

Includes Eau De Parfum in :

(Example photos of the perfumes in 50ml / 100ml size)

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

Dream Angels Heavenly

Very Sexy

Victoria's Secret Angel

Sexy Little Things Tease

Body By Victoria

Love is Heavenly 

RM Damage : RM141.00 (Inclusive or tax/credit card charge). USD$42.00. 

I bought this at : Victoria's Secret in US (Las Vegas). My friend bought it for me during her honeymoon. Thanks Mal. hehe :)

Why I like it :
1. It's only 7.5ml, it's the perfect size to keep in my handbag. 
2. The miniatures resemble the actual bottles. Double thumbs up.
3. I love all the perfumes in this set, especially Love Is Heavenly which is the reason why I want it in the first place. But I do like each and everyone of them. They are all super sexyyy! :)
4. It's EDP (obviously. hehe)
5. It is a bargain! Price wise with the 7 bottles. It's just so worth it.

Why I don't like it : None

Repurchase : Maybe, when I'm done with all the 7 bottles. hehe :D

I want to review 2 fragrance/body mists from The Body Shop. Nexttttt! ;)



  1. at last i have some fast internet connection! wanted to see the picture so badly!

    omg omg.. the perfumes look so pretty!!!! <3

    1. Yes dear.. So prettyyyy! And they smell as good as they look. So worth it! :)

  2. i loveeeee love the packaging from the boxes to the design of the perfume itself. yes it is a bargain ! just one question Sab, did it last longer once you use it?

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