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In this modern age, most women are concern with their appearance and inner health. Supplementary beauty drinks or food is one of the most popular products nowadays, especially in Malaysia. Everybody wants that glowy and radiant skin shining through. But it's not all about the skin, it is also about the inner health, the inner beauty. I think every women should be concern and must take care of their health in the early. I guess around 25 years old would be the perfect age to start taking extra care of the body and skin. When I came across this new collagen drink, Darayu, Siri Khas Untuk Wanita by Yulaeka, I am curious to find out the effect it has on me. I finished up one box which contains 20 sachets and I am happy to share my thoughts on this collagen drinks with all my lovely readers.

Let's take a look at Darayu ingredients :

♥ Cod Fish Collagen
♥ Vitamin C
Akar Serapat
♥ Dates
♥ Pomegranate
♥ Honey
♥ Apple 
♥ Acai Berry
♥ Purasweet

What can Darayu do to our body and skin?

♥ Improve skin's elasticity
♥ Improve the texture of the skin and hair
♥ Reduce the inner women problems such as white discharge, menstrual cramps
♥ Tighten the 'V' & plump up the 'twins'
♥ Good for women whose just gave birth because it will flatten the stomach, shrink the uterus, increase milk production, reduce wind in the body, etc.

How to consume Darayu? Easy! Just tear up the sachet and drink up! :) You can drink one or 2 sachets a day depending on your needs. It is best taken right before you go to bed because during sleep time, that is where the toxin in our body is released. Remember to drink a lot of water through out the day to avoid dehydration. Darayu has this berry and citrusy taste to it. Tangy and sweet with a lil' kick. It's delicious!

After finishing up one box which contains 20 sachets, there are several things that I noticed. Firstly,  I become energetic in the morning and I feel less tired during the day. I can get up early in the morning, do my chores, bathe and feed my baby without feeling too exhausted by noon. Being a stay at home mother is tough but Alhamdulillah I can manage it well. :) During my confinement, I can feel that Darayu aids me in shrinking my uterus. You might ask, how did I know it does that? It's because my mom told me that the feel of uterus shrinking is similar to the menstrual cramps we feel every month so I know it worked on me because I can feel it! Darayu helps me in releasing the wind in my body. Yes, a woman who just gave birth has a tremendous amount of wind in the body. :D I do not feel that it helps in my milk production but remember it depends on your body. I am not so lucky in that department, that's why it doesn't work on me. As for the plumping up the 'twins' and the tightening of miss 'V', I think I'm not the one who should be talking about it. *HAHAHAHAHA* Okay lets change the subject. :D Darayu might also help me for making my skin looks good all the time. I haven't been getting any zits since the start of consuming it. :)

Darayu is retailed at RM95.90 (SM) and RM99.90 (S/S) *excludes postage. I think this is one of the most affordable supplements that you can find in the market. Most supplement drinks will usually cost more than RM120 per box! You girls can purchase via Whatsapp at this number 018-9727527 if you are interested to give it a go. Try it out, you got nothing to lose! ;)

For more information on Darayu :
Facebook Page : Yulaeka Official
Instagram : @yulaekaofficial

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  1. It is so important to take care of our healthy, the beautiful body is a healthy body :)



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