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Last Friday I went to the MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique for an intimate workshop to learn about sculpting face, brows and lips using MAKE UP FOR EVER latest sculpting product. I was really looking forward for the day because honestly speaking, my contouring game is not on point, yet. I mean there are days I think I'm doing pretty alright and there are days I'm just thinking, "What the hell am I doing?". *hahaha* Jokes aside, if professional team wants to teach me about it, sign me up anytime.

Before we find out more about these sculpting products, lets take a look at my video for a little snippets of the workshop and a short review on my You Tube channel. :)

Now you have watched my video, lets take a deeper look at these products and I kid you not that you too can sculpt your face like a pro once you get the hang of it. The key is to practice and search for products that suits your skin tone. MAKE UP FOR EVER designed the Pro Sculpting line to make it easier for every women to sculpt their face. When we talk about contouring, some women who are not used to it will think that it is only applicable for photoshoots or events and such. But no, do you know that by sculpting your face on a daily basis (daily makeup routine) can make such a difference on your face? These 3 products from MAKE UP FOR EVER is suitable for everyday use because it gives you that fresh, natural finish.

Price : RM255

The idea behind this palette is to create 4 harmonious shades for that perfectly natural-looking complexion. The formulation of this palette consists of an expert blend of 3D powders, coated pigments and oil and wax components. Hence the texture of this palette is creamy and so easy blend. That is why you can never go wrong with palette because you can easily blend out if you put too much in the first place. 

*Tips : In contouring, start with a small amount of product. Then build up the intensity depending on your preference. 

There are 4 shades available that suits all skin tone :
#20 - Light
#30 - Medium
#40 - Tan
#50 - Dark

This is shade #30 - Medium
From L - R : Highlight  |  Contour  |  Shimmer  | Color  

With this palette, you can sculpt your entire face by using the Contour shade, add on matte Highlight, increase the highlight intensity with the Shimmer and freshen up your face using Color as blush. The palette also comes with a guide on how to sculpt your face according to face shape. Surprisingly I am oval! *hahaha* made my day. LOL.

Easy to use guide

Price : RM125

A well defined eyebrow is a must for me because I believe eyebrow frames up the entire face. You can say that I am obsessed with eyebrow products because I can leave the house with no foundation, no mascara and no lipstick but my eyebrow has to be on point. MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Brow is a compact 3-in-1 high precision tool that helps to create that natural and precise eyebrow. Enriched with botanical butter, coconut and carnauba wax base adds on intense shine. 

There are 5 shades available :
#10 Blond
#20 Dark Blond
#30 Brown
#40 Dark Brown
#50 Brown Black

This is shade #40 Dark Brown

At one end, the retractable slanted eyebrow pencil glides smoothly on the eyebrow. The natural colour of the eyebrow pencil blends well with my natural eyebrow hair therefore the eyebrow looks natural and not too drawn up. At the other end, the nylon fibre brush (spoolie) helps to even out the intensity of the eyebrow shade and make sure the eyebrow still look natural. The third surprise of this eyebrow pencil is the illuminator that comes in a light, matte shade which you can use as highlight underneath the eyebrow and inner corner of the eyes. Or just use it wherever you want. :D

L - R : #40 Dark Brown & highlight

Price : RM150

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lips is a 2-in1 lip tool is a combination of intensely coloured base with a light-enhancing tool. This combination enhance lip shape and adds on volume for fuller lips. The lipstick itself is satiny creamy and glides on smoothly on the lips. It is highly pigmented due to its intense colour pigments and synthetic mica powders for long-lasting. It is easy to use because the tip of the lipstick is designed ensure you won't go out of the lip line. At the other end of the lip sculptor, the iridescent creamy powder can be used lightly to enhance the shape of the lip. 

There are 4 shades available :


This is shade #40

Shade #40

This was the look I created with the help of Jayce of MAKE UP FOR EVER  I absolutely love the natural finish as the contouring on my face was done effortlessly. LOVE IT! I also used the Contour shade in the palette to define my crease line on my eyes. This will definitely work for those with mono-lid. I actually used 2 different palette on my face, left is #40 TAN, and my right is #30. You can really see the difference right? That's why I mentioned earlier that the texture is so creamy and blend like a dream. Don't worry about putting too much, because you can balance it out. My eyebrow is definitely on fleek, I love it. The eyebrow pencil is so easy to use and my eyebrow still look like its mine and not fully drawn. As for the lips, I combined #10 and #40 and I use the highlight in #40. The colour combination plus the shimmer in the middle makes my lips more sculpted and so different, I love it! :)

Head on to MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique in Starhill or Sephora if you want to get your hands on these products. I love that their packaging is travel friendly (especially the palette). I definitely gonna bring them to my vacation next week. :D

For more information on MAKE UP FOR EVER, please visit :

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