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I am pretty excited to share about this new CC Cushion that I have been loving. I know that I am so late in jumping into this 'cushion' frenzy but hey better late than never right? :) My first ever CC Cushion was the one from The Face Shop which is the Oil Control Water Cushion, and I love it! As the matter of fact, I finished one compact already and I was to get a refill then I found out that The Face Shop has came up with another 2 CC Cushion! Like, hellooooo are you reading my mind? *hahaha* anyway I uploaded a full review of The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion and also created Korean-inspired makeup look to go with it, so please do go to the link and read it. :)

The 2 new CC Cushion from The Face Shop is the CC Ultra Moist Cushion and CC Intense Cover Cushion. Both of the CC Cushion is created specifically to colour correct and target certain skin condition. Some CC Cushion is designed to fit every skin, but not everybody has the same skin type. Therefore you can choose either one of these variant to match your skin's condition. They also have SPF50+ PA++ so that's good if you forgot to use sunscreen. I tried both of them for a couple of weeks now, so lets take a look see if they are any good.

  The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion  
Size/Weight : 15g / 0.52oz
Price : RM83.90 
**Refill is priced at RM48.90**

The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion is designed for those who are looking for long-lasting moisture and radiant skin. I think this would be great for those who have sensitive and dry skin. The main ingredients of The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion are :

 Ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid 
---> Aiding the skin to absorbs products effectively into the skin

---> For softer and smooth skin

♥ Skin-like ceramide
---> Wraps around the skin to keep the skin surface smooth and moisturized in the inside.

 Calendula extract
---> Skin regeneration

♥ Rosemary extract 
---> Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

♥ Lavender extract 
---> Anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin

♥ Phytoselina 
---> Brightening active ingredients of Atractylodes Rhizoma Alba that prevents skin darkening

The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion comes in 2 shades which is V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige. Because of the ingredients, I can say that this CC Cushion is also beneficial to your skin as a skincare product as it moisturizes deeply into the skin. It is also clinically proven that it gives 25 hour-lasting moisture and radiant effect.

  The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion  
Size/Weight : 15g / 0.52oz
Price : RM83.90
**Refill is priced at RM48.90**

The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion is a full coverage CC Cushion that gives perfect and flawless finish. I think this would be great for any skin types but especially to those with blemishes, acne scars, dark spots, etc because this CC Cushion is more focused on covering imperfection and to get that perfect canvas.  The ingredients included in thisThe Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion are :

♥ 7 kinds of flower Oil
---> For brighter complexion

♥ Almond Oil
---> Improve skin texture

♥ Calendula & Rose Oil 
---> Improve skin regeneration

♥ Borage Oil
---> Skin protection, anti-inflammatory

♥ Rosemary Oil 
---> Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant

♥ German Chamomile & Lavender Oil
---> Anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin

The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion is also available in 2 shades, which is V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige. It gives 25 hour-lasting moisture and coverage effect and can cover imperfection beautifully. 

I got the same shade for both of the CC Cushion which is V203 Natural Beige. As you can see from my swatches above the shade is pretty similar but there's difference between these two. 

The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion
This is CC Cushion is definitely hydrating and because of the skincare benefit, I do feel like I'm applying serum on my face. I love the creamy texture and the cooling feeling when applied onto my skin. The shade oxidizes into my natural skin tone, so that's a plus. As for the coverage, this is more of a light to medium coverage and I need to go over with my concealer to cover my acne scars. I have dry/combination skin, meaning that sometimes my skin can super dry and other times is a mixture of both dry and oily. Yes my skin is pretty crazy! *hahaha* Anyway, as I was testing this CC Cushion out, I noticed that my face becomes slightly greasy in about 4 hours especially at the T-zone area. I was out under the sun for about half an hour and the rest of the hours I was in a building. This is definitely the for those who wants glowy and dewy finish. Yes it does gives radiance to the skin but maybe it is more suitable for the ultimate dry skin girls.

The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion
This CC Cushion coverage is amazing! Whenever I use this, I do not need to apply concealer ( 2 layers). Yes, it cuts down my makeup time. It has the same creamy texture, and the same cooling sensation when applied onto the skin. It oxidizes to my skin tone after I'm done with my makeup routine. It is long-lasting because I remember wearing it from 8pm up until 2 in the morning and I still look good. I do not feel any greasiness with this CC Cushion, I feel good wearing it. I highly recommend this if you have acne scars, blemishes, dark spots because it can cover those imperfections nicely and if you think you need more coverage, just add on more layers at specific area.

A tip of using a CC Cushion from me, well this is my version on how I use CC Cushion. I use the combination of dab/pat and drag motion during application. I will dab gently the product on my skin then I will drag the product to ensure it reaches every corner of my face. The I dab once again to get that flawless finish. CC Cushion is definitely easy to use and very suitable if you need to get ready ASAP!

Okay I actually have photos of wearing both of the CC Cushion (before and after) but somehow my file got corrupted! T_T **BENCI!** Anyway I might upload a photo of me using either one of the CC Cushion later on my Instagram so just a keep a look out on that. :) OR I would just edit this blogpost and add on the photos later okay? :D

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  1. hai kak Sabby,

    i've been your silent reader for years but i was intrigued to comment on this post. This weekend i am planning to purchase The Face Shop Face It Aura CC cream (my first time) since i have heard so many good reviews on it. But when i saw this post, i was in a dilemma.

    my question is should i purchase the Aura CC cream or have a try on this latest cc cushion.

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi dear,

      Actually I haven't tried the Aura CC Cream so I can't really tell you much about it. It really depend on your skin type. I suggest you to go to the store and try it on your face, walk around the mall for a couple of hours and see how you feel about it. Then decide whether you want to get it or not. :)

    2. Thank you so much for the reply. Really appreciate it :)



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