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Assalamualaikum and hello friends.

Today is going to be a lengthy post, just to recap my life for the past (almost) 5 months. Oh motherhood, the one thing in life that most women wants. I am very blessed to be able to have a child right away after I got married. I am so blessed, words can not describe how thankful I am to be given this rezeki by Allah S.W.T. 

The reason for this blogpost is because I was cleaning up my beauty room/wardrobe/office just now and I found my pregnancy journal. Oh my god, it totally brings back all the memories during pregnancy especially the 3rd trimester. My pregnancy experience was smooth as I did not experience any morning sickness, I can eat everything, I didn't really have cravings. *blessed* I actually gained 15kg through out the pregnancy. Lost 10 kgs, but the 5kg is so hard to get rid of. But I think I have gained extra kgs, because oh man, I look so chubby in photos. I am not really in a rush to lose the weight but I guess the pressure from others make me stressed out to the lose the weight ASAP. You have to understand I ate EVERYTHING for the past 9 months and really, controlling what to eat now is hard. I carried a baby for 9 months and you expect me to be in my pre-pregnancy weight within one month? T_T I know I shouldn't be bothered with this kind of people but hey, I'm human, I have feelings too ya know. :( I AM GOING to lose the weight, don't you worry about that. Don't you worry! What about those who keeps asking about "when is the next one?" T_T Like seriously, I can still imagine myself on that operating table and I can still feel the pain. T_T   You mengandung for me la, can? 

Anyway, enough la of this weight issue, emo ni! *hahaha* Okay so Marissa is going to be 5 months in a few days. Can you believe it? She is so big now, so smart. She can do a lot of things now. I love it when she plays with her toes. So adorable!! 

I remember during my confinement, oh my god I was so stressed out because she keeps crying and didn't want to sleep. Then the breastfeeding issue. I cried all the time. :( But to new mommies out there, trust me, things get better. The moment she turned 2 months old, it gets easier. This is because I know when she needs to drink her milk, how to comfort her when she's crying, etc because I have been spending my time with her every single day. I am still adapting, learning new things about her every single day. And learning how to be a MOTHER. :') She is sleeping right now beside me. Times like this I would just stare at her, feeling so much love for this tiny person. My favourite part of the day when she wakes every morning, tilt her head, and I say to her "Good morning, sayang mommy". She would give me the most beautiful and widest smile, well actually a giggly smile. That's enough to make me happy for the rest of the day. :') 

Being a blogger, I have to attend events and sometimes when I leave her for 2 to 3 hours, oh gosh, that feeling of abandoning her is real! Not being dramatic but it's how I feel, well most of the time. Of course there are times when the 2-3 hours give me relaxation and just chill.  'ME time' is also important for mothers because it can rejuvenate and make them feel good about themselves. Never take that lightly. A happy mommy will lead to a happy baby and family. :)

To all mothers out there, count your blessing. Children is GOD's gift to you so please cherish them, never neglect them. For those who are going to be a mommy soon, take care and all the best. Don't worry so much what's going to happen after birth, everything will fall into places. And for those who are waiting for it to happen, sabar banyak-banyak, rezeki akan Allah bagi, trust in HIM, Insyaallah. :)

Main2 ngn daddy. :D Its okay baby, nanti rambut tumbuh, don't worry. :D

Anyway, I am thinking to do posts about baby stuff in this blog. Do you find it weird to be reading about baby stuff in a beauty and lifestyle blog??? *huhuhu* let me know what do you think! :D Thanks for reading love, I just need to pour out my heart a lil bit. Hope you don't mind reading about my experience and my baby. :D

Till then,



  1. Ala, comelnya, mata bulat besar. Kejap je kan, macam baru semalam tengok gambar sabby pregnant. Hehehehe

    p/s: Post je tentang baby stuff, lepas ni boleh jadi Lifestyle,Parenting and Beauty Blogger. Hehehehe

  2. i love motherhood life... it is so blessing. Alhamdulillah...

  3. Bila bc post ni Rasa nk kawin pulak. Tp perkara yg blm pasti ialah baby, rezeki kan. Bersyukur sangat, pkr tu senang je nk sebut "lepas kawin cpt2 dpt baby" tp kalau Allah x berikan lagi nk bt mcm mn, kena usaha lagi.

  4. no lah! i think its okay to post about babies. would love to read it! nawww gambar marissa yg 4 moths tu.. shoo cuteee!

  5. 5 bulan dahhh...sekejap nyaaaa....babe, u post je la ape je u nak post...its ur blog pn kan...boleh jadikan as reference... :)

  6. Merasainya..masa mula2 pantang..baru taunrasa meroyan tu mavam mana..ahhaha..tapi takdela teruk..boleh cool lagi..oh nak tanya..bila sab pergi event..siapa jaga anak?.

  7. Marissa sgt comel.. I pun menunggu masa menanti baby sendiri.. nervous juga sebenarnya tp bila tgk org lain boleh buat InshaAllah I pun boleh.. hehe



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