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Another day, another beauty tool to be revealed! Two years ago I shared an information about Philips Visapure cleansing brush which I love, and I actually included the cleansing brush in my 2014 Beauty favourites video. It was such a game changer in my skincare routine, therefore when I found out they came out with a newer version, I am thinking, how can it get better? Well, keep on reading girls, you don't want to miss this review. :)

Philips VisaPure Advanced SC5370/10 (RP : RM1399)

What's the difference with the previous tool?  Philips VisaPure Advanced is not just about cleansing purpose but it is also a pampering tool. It comes in 3 interchangeable heads for Deep Cleansing, Revitalizing Massage and Fresh Eyes for better absorption of products to refresh tired eyes. Each of the heads has Customized DualMotion technology where the handle and new attachments are equipped with NFC tag that enables advance Intelligent Head Recognition. Meaning that the handle will recognize specific head and it will work the way it is supposed to be. There 2 intensity settings so you can choose which settings you prefer.

Right of the bet, even during the preview, I fell in love instantly. I am the type of person who doesn't go to facial. Yes, you heard me right. Me, the beauty blogger who doesn't go to facial? I do it once in a while, maybe two or 3 times a year. I always believe if I take care of my skin at home daily, I don't have to fork out my money for facial treatment. But of course, I really do enjoy going to facial when I need to destress. But I prefer body massage actually. :P By having Philips VisaPure Advanced in my own home makes my skin better. With it's 3 steps, I know I can never go wrong with my skincare routine. 


The handle
Love the white and rose gold, so sleek!

The 3 heads 
Fresh Eyes, Deep Cleansing and Revitalising Massage

It comes with a storage palette to keep all the heads

A pouch (can be used while traveling)

Charging and storing stand
The stand has a good grip when put onto a flat surface.


SC5990/00 - RM59 (If to buy separately/Replacement)

The deep cleansing step clears out all of my skin impurities, dead skin cells and it makes my skin cleaner. Since I started using cleansing brushes in the end of 2014, I never use exfoliator or face scrub anymore. If your skin is deeply cleaned, it can absorb other skincare products better. I try my best to use the cleansing brush every day or every 2 days. The bristles are extremely soft, so it is suitable for daily usage.


SC6060/00 - RM139 (If to buy separately/Replacement)

The Revitalizing Massage is such a great tool to improve blood circulation. I use this massage head on both of my cheeks. Starting from my chin, moving upwards.The 5 small balls reflect as fingers tapping all over the skin, well 750 fingers tapping per minute to be exact. The massage head is developed by Japanese experts and the massage technique resembles Petrissage, a deep level massage that stimulates blood circulation and relax the muscles for radiant and energized skin. I use the massage head 3 times a week for that extra step in my skincare routine.


SC6040/00 - RM129 (If to buy separately/Replacement)

Being a new mom, my eyes are constantly tired all the time. My dark circles and eyebags, urghh don't even go there. T_T  This Fresh Eyes head is simply amazing to refresh tired eyes in the morning. It is made out of special cool material with a premium ceramic coating to give revitalize tired eyes. Fresh Eyes delivers 120 nano-vibrations per second for a gentle, comfortable and refreshing massage around the eyes. It is set to 30 seconds only since the skin around the eyes area are thin and delicate, so don;t go overboard ya! I don't really see any changes yet in dark circles or eyebags reduction because I actually has been using this head for about 10 days only. But I absolutely love the morning massage that leaves my eyes area a bit fresher.

Charging mode

My overall verdict? This is a great buy! Yes it is expensive but remember that it can save you from spending money to facial salons in the long run. If you love  doing things at the comfort of your home like me, well honey, you can never go wrong with this. Facial in my home, yes please! :)

Philips VisaPure Advanced is retailed at RM1399 and is available at Sephora outlets in :
Suria KLCC
Paradigm Mall
Sunway Pyramid
Mid Valley Megamall
IOI City Mall
Komtar, JB
Gurney Paragon, Penang
Imago, Kota Kinabalu

For more information on Philips Malaysia, please visit

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