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It has been a good 10 days break for me and I am back! :D I went totally MIA since my last post because to be honest I was super busy preparing for Eid. Being a mother and living on our own, gosh, trust me you will wish for more than 24 hours! But nevertheless, Eid has been amazing so far, especially celebrating with families are definitely worthy. And delicious food of course. :D I would like to take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya and Eid Mubarak to all my muslim friends. I hope everyone is having great time. :)

Okay, so lets get back to the purpose of this post. Yeah, my first beauty post after the long hiatus. I received this product for quite sometime already and it was uspposed to be up a few weeks back, but as usual, things happened and I need to push back the posting timeline. But anyway, I bet most of you beauty junkies have heard of Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System which is an electronic device for your nails. It functions as nail file/buffer (you know the stick/cube you can get from The Body Shop, Sephora, Guardian, Watsons and mostly any beauty stores) but this Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System is operated using an AA battery. The device comes with 3 attachments, for filing (#1) , buffing (#2) and shining (#3). It is quite easy to assemble, just attach and detach by pulling and pushing the attachment into the head of the device. It is so easy, anybody can do it. :D There's 2 speed settings, but I always go for the lowest setting.

The first step is to file your nails to get the shape that you want. My nails are super small and I always keep them short, so I basically always go for the rounded shape. I use this attachment for 5 to 10 seconds only since the surface of the file head is rough and I don't want to ruin my fingers.  It works pretty good, it is easy to shape my nails using this head.

The second step is to buff my nails. This step is to even out ridges and smoothen the surface of nails. It has a mild rough surface so I usually will use it less than 10 seconds for each nails. It smoothen out the surface of my nails, sort of like lifting up all the dead cells on my nails. 

The third step is to shine my nails. This is the part where you can get your nails as shiny as you want it to be! It does make my nails shiny but I really need to spend at least 20 seconds on each nails to get my desired shine if I use the low setting. So using the highest speed setting for shining is recommended!

I love doing simple nail care routine at the comfort of my own home, I am not the type to go to nail salon and get my nails done. So this is a good alternative for me to save time and enjoy myself doing it because it saves time and it is less hard work since it is battery operated. I don't have to use as much energy compare to the normal nail buff cubes/sticks. You will need to practice using it because it can be awkward in the beginning of usage but soon you will get used to it. I can hold the device nicely in my small hands, so yeay! I would suggest this if you want to save time and get good result at the same time. I've got nothing bad to say about this because it is a straight forward products and it delivers its function. The Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System is priced at RM140.50 and you can get it in major pharmacies nationwide.

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