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I know it has been a while since my last post, I decided to take sometime off at the last week of ramadan and the first week of Syawal simply because I wanted to spend more time with my family. Raya has been great, but my husbnad gotta work at the 3rd day of Raya so basically we only visited our families on the first and second day. So anyone is having open houses this weekend? :D

Anyway, today post is about Tanamera Essential Oil. Before trying out Tanamera essential oil, I used other brands as a part of my lifestyle. Essential oil has many benefits and can be used many ways to incorporate in our lifestyle. At first I was skeptical about trying out essential oil because I don't believe how scent and smell can effect somebody's mood or improve sickness and so on? But, I admit it, it is definitely a smart move start 'oiling'. :D 

Tanamera Essential Oil is made out natural plant ingredients with no artificial colouring, perfumes, chemicals and preservatives. They are completely 100% pure essential oil, natural and is made only with the best ingredients. Essential oil is used as an aromatherapy to heal body and brings peace of mind. I would say essential oil is pretty much works well to increase the state of our well-being. There are many ways to use the essential oil such as :

♥ Aromatic / healing purpose
Use it in an essential oil diffuser / oil burner to release aromatic scent
Mix essential oil with water and store in a spray bottle. Spray on linen, couch, etc. 

♥ Topical Application
Apply it on the skin by diluting with carrier oil. Carrier oil is a medium to dilute essential oil and usually is vegetable-based such as vco (virgin coconut oil), grapeseed oil, olive oil and cocoa butter. 
Mixing several types of essential oil for specific solution
Use a few drops in warm water for a relaxing bath

♥ Internal Application
Added in food / drinks (make sure to read and research first or ask anyone before adding into your food and drinks)

There are 23 types of essential oil that you can get in Tanamera, and today we are going to learn a little bit about the benefits of Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oil. I chose Lavender Essential Oil specifically because I need help to get a good night sleep. I've been having trouble sleeping these past few months and it's making me exhausted, tired and grumpy. Tanamera Lavender Essential Oil has calming property that helps in stress relieve, healing and soothing properties to aid in reducing cold, flu and any other related sickness. Besides that, it's also works wonder for those with asthma and migraines. Lavender essential oil is definitely a must have any house hold because it creates this calming ambiance which makes me breathe easier and puts me in a good mood. I absolutely love the scent of the Lavender essential oil, it surely helps me to sleep better. A bottle of 10ml is priced at RM41.

Tanamera Peppermint Essential Oil is my best friend during my allergies. Sinus is no fun, and having Peppermint helps to ease the discomfort of my nasal congestion. It works well if you catch the flu, cold and related ailments too. It is said Peppermint essential oil can stimulate the mind and increase focus so I bet this would be ideal for those who needs to stay focus at work or during study. It also helps to ease headaches. migraines, chest congestion and improve digestion system. Peppermint essential oil releases a strong minty scent, as I reckon would be ideal as it helps in nasal congestion and sinus. If you suffer from cold, flu or even sinus like I am, try diffusing the Peppermint essential oil to reduce the discomfort. This is also a must have in all household! A bottle of 10ml Peppermint essential oil is RM31. 

Secure cap

Use a few drops depending on your diffuser

Always read your diffuser manual on how to properly use it. How many drops of essential oils needed depends on the amount of water you put in your diffuser. My aroma diffuser's manual stated that only 3-5 drops is needed for 100ml of water. Always remember to clean the diffuser if you want to change to another type of essential oil. Essential oil has become a part of my lifestyle and also helps me when Marissa caught the flu and coughing (through topical application). There's a number of essential oils that you can choose from to fit your lifestyle and if you ask me, the top 3 must have essential oils in your home is Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. I love the fact that Tanamera Essential Oil is affordable and won't broke the bank. Make sure to check them out okay? :)

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